HK Porter 24-Inch Bolt Cutters Review: Do They Work?

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HK Porter Bolt Cutters Review

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Anyone who’s lost the key to a padlock and used a hacksaw to methodically saw through the steel shank has likely wished for a better way to tackle the task. The optimal solution is a good pair of bolt cutters—long-handled power nippers designed to cut through wires, bolts, fencing, and even rebar. The 24-inch HK Porter Bolt Cutters took top honors in Bob Vila’s lineup of the best bolt cutters for various metal-munching chores. The HK Porter bolt cutters earned their spot atop the list by excelling in our hands-on field tests.

We selected models for testing based on brand reputation, consumer rating, and design; however, only the top performers made it to our field tests. Ahead, learn what happened when we tested the HK Porter bolt cutters, and find out how they earned the envious designation as the best overall pick.

The 24-Inch HK Porter Bolt Cutters: At a Glance

HK Porter Bolt Cutters Review
Photo: Glenda Taylor


  • Double-compound hinge technology increases leverage for cutting metal
  • In testing, the HK Porter bolt cutters cut ⅜-inch rebar
  • Nonslip cushioned grips protect hands and help user get a firm grasp


  • Hinges were stiff at first but loosened up after making several cuts
  • Weighing in at 7.44 pounds, the cutters could be cumbersome during prolonged use
  • The HK Porter bolt cutters were unable to sever ½-inch rebar in testing

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What are the HK Porter bolt cutters?

At first glance, the 24-inch HK Porter bolt cutters look much like any other pair on the market. Testing alongside my husband, John, a general contractor, I came to appreciate the quality of the HK Porter cutters and how much easier they made cutting through wire, threaded bolt rods, and cattle panels.

Physical strength is essential for using a bolt cutter—the more upper-body strength the user has, the easier it will be to cut through dense metal. The best bolt cutters increase the user’s leverage via a compound hinge, a special type of hinge that allows users to exert less physical force yet wield high cutting power.

HK Porter Bolt Cutters Review
Photo: Glenda Taylor

How easy are the HK Porter bolt cutters to use?

The HK Porter bolt cutters are easy to use. While I don’t consider myself especially strong, I used the bolt cutters to snip through baling wire, metal fencing, cattle panels, and 3/16-inch all thread (threaded bolt rod). My husband could also cut through a ⅜-inch rebar, which was beyond my capabilities.

I felt the HK Porter bolt cutters offered more leverage than the other models we tested in our broader tests, letting me use less force than with some other models.

The reason lies in the double-compound hinges of these bolt cutters. Almost all of today’s bolt cutters come with compound hinges, which means they have an extra set of hinges between the jaws and the handles to amplify cutting pressure. The HK Porter bolt cutters go a step further and incorporate double-compound hinges that offer additional bolt-cutting leverage.

To simplify the process even more, this tool has a sticker on one handle that shows the maximum thickness of various types of metal wire, rods, and cables that it will effectively cut. With these bolt cutters, there’s no need to guess.

HK Porter Bolt Cutters Review
Photo: Glenda Taylor

Do the HK Porter bolt cutters feature an ergonomic design?

The nonslip cushioned grips on the handles may qualify as ergonomic because they’re soft to the touch and gently shaped to fit the hand. We found them to be much more comfortable than the bare metal handles of older-model bolt cutters.

The double-compound hinges may also fall into the ergonomic category since they reduce the physical force needed to cut through metal wire and rods. Users will still want to follow good usage methods, including positioning the wire or rod as deep as possible in the open jaws, which will increase cutting power.

One slight downside—the hinges on the HK Porter bolt cutters were very stiff right out of the box. It took some physical force to pull them apart before use, which we initially found annoying. After 20 to 30 test cuts through wire and rods, however, they loosened up appreciably without us needing to treat them with lubricant.

Are the HK Porter bolt cutters right for you?

Those looking for a good set of midsize bolt cutters will likely be satisfied with the HK Porter bolt cutters. They’re top performers compared with other 24-inch models, but they’re not going to be as powerful as more extended cutters, such as 36- or 40-inch models.

This high-quality pair of bolt cutters is best suited to metal wire, fencing, and threaded bolts up to 3/16 of an inch. While they did cut through ⅜-inch rebar—and didn’t show any nick or chips on the blades—we probably wouldn’t suggest them as rebar cutters.

We think they’re an excellent option for someone who needs to make periodic cuts around a home, farm, or business. However, they’re not heavy-duty enough (or long enough) to satisfy all the types of metal- and steel-cutting needs of a professional jobsite.

Where to Buy the 24-Inch HK Porter Bolt Cutters

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