Home Depot’s 12-Foot Skeleton Is Back in Stock Today—But Not for Long

You can finally get your hands on one of the biggest Halloween decorations (literally) of the decade.
Home Depot's 12-Foot Skeleton and Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton for Halloween
Photo: homedepot.com

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Did you know that we’re halfway to Halloween? For anyone who hasn’t started their countdown to the spooky holiday yet, The Home Depot’s announcement this morning may have come as a surprise. This is not a drill (or a trick):  The 12-foot skeleton is finally back in stock at The Home Depot.

The last time that The Home Depot sneakily stocked its crowd-favorite 12-foot skeleton, supplies lasted mere hours. And, at the time of publishing, an inventory counter on the delivery options says fewer than 5,000 are in stock! So if you want to buy the viral Halloween hit (#12footskeleton) this round, you’ll need to act fast.

Get the Original 12-Foot Skeleton for $299 at The Home Depot

Keep reading to find out why the skeleton is a big deal—literally and figuratively—along with other epic Halloween decor you can shop from The Home Depot right now.

Everything You Need to Know About the 12-Foot Skeleton

Nicknamed “Skelly” by fans, the molded plastic-and-steel skeleton is popular for its larger-than-life presence. Indeed, it stands at three times the height of most trick-or-treaters who will pay a visit! For Halloween enthusiasts, it’s the perfect piece to raises the bar for the whole neighborhood.

What sets the skeleton apart (even more than its incredible stature) is its lifelike eyes. An in-house design called LifeEyes technology utilizes LCD screens to ignite the skeleton’s eye sockets with an icy blue hue that’s both creepy and captivating.

Bonus: The Pumpkin Skeleton Is Also in Stock

Along with Skelly, The Home Depot tends to offer a large range of ghoulish sidekicks, big and small. Other than the original 12-foot skeleton, most notable might be the equally tall Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton. Not only do his eyes glow, but his chest features the flicker of a flame, too. This imposing yard decoration is also in short supply—only about 1,500 at the time of publishing—so get yours while you can.

12-foot Giant-Sized Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton with LifeEyes(TM) LCD Eyes for $379

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