How to Shop for Home Insurance in Florida: Find the Best and Cheapest Companies

Florida home insurance


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Homeowners insurance is a necessary part of being a homeowner, as it protects what may be your most valuable asset—your home. When buying Florida homeowners insurance, residents should take a variety of factors into consideration.

That’s because in addition to palm trees and sunny beaches, Florida is also one of the states most likely to see extreme weather events. This can affect shopping for homeowners insurance. While price is important, you want to make certain that you also have the coverage that you need. Sometimes, that may mean purchasing additional coverage or “riders” to extend coverage beyond what you get in a standard homeowner insurance policy.

This blog covers the following topics:

  • Florida homeowners insurance – What coverage do you need?
  • How to shop for home insurance in Florida
  • Top 3 home insurers in Florida, according to customers
  • The top 3 Florida home insurance companies based on customer price rating
Florida home insurance shopping


What coverage do you need?

Florida home insurance policies typically cover standard losses such as theft of your belongings or items lost in a fire or other covered peril. However, it may not cover damage caused by natural disasters.

Florida homeowners should read their policies closely because not every natural disaster is covered. In fact, there are quite a few situations that are typically excluded from standard policies that Florida homeowners often face. Flood damage is almost always excluded from a standard policy, as are damages caused by sinkholes, for example. Separate Florida flood insurance is important to investigate.

Hurricanes are a major factor that affect Florida homeowner insurance rates. With high winds and large amounts of rainfall, along with subsequent flooding, the risk for property damage is high. As a peninsula, Florida is surrounded by water meaning much of the state is exposed and susceptible to flooding. Florida homeowners face some of the highest home insurance premium rates in the country as a result. When shopping for hurricane insurance Florida, homeowners need to take time and be thorough to evaluate all options.

That means that pricing is going to be an important factor for Floridians shopping for the best homeowners insurance in Florida.

How to shop for home insurance in Florida

Shopping for homeowners insurance doesn’t have to be stressful, but it will take some time. When it comes to finding the best price for home insurance, research is key.

Get quotes from multiple companies

Researching rates from multiple companies is the best way for homeowners to find the best rate for the coverage. Remember, it’s important to research more than just cost alone, especially in Florida. The availability of separate riders for hurricane insurance and flood insurance in Florida will be important to homeowners.

Be sure to get Florida home insurance quotes from multiple companies so you can compare the cost and the policy features to find the best one for you. You can start by visiting Clearsurance’s Florida home insurance rankings page.

See if there’s an opportunity to bundle

Having more than one policy with the same insurance company can save you money. Grouping different policies together, such as car and home insurance, is called “bundling,” or a “multi-line discount.” If you are happy with your car insurance company, see if it offers home insurance in Florida when you are doing your research.

Do a home inventory

When rates are expensive, cost can be an outsized factor, but it’s important to make sure that you have the coverage that you need. Don’t be tempted to underestimate the value of your belongings to secure a lower rate. The best way to make sure that you are getting the coverage you need for your personal belongings is by having an accurate, up-to-date list of your home’s contents.

If it’s financially feasible, consider a higher deductible to save money

Since Florida homeowners pay some of the highest home insurance rates in the nation, any amount that you can save might seem like a good idea. However, it’s important to keep in mind that a deductible is what you will pay out of pocket before your insurance claim kicks in. So, make sure that the deductible you settle on is one that you can comfortably cover if necessary.

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Top 3 home insurers in Florida, according to customers

Clearsurance has identified the three best Florida homeowners insurance companies, according to customer reviews as of June 2020.

Below are the best companies, as rated by customers, for homeowners insurance in Florida that offer quotes on This includes an analysis of common trends found in reviews and statistics sourced from the reviews.

Please note: In order to qualify for the list, companies must sell homeowners insurance in Florida, have at least 25 homeowners insurance reviews in the last two calendar years, and they must be a Clearsurance affiliate and offer quotes on the site. For a complete and updated list of the top-rated companies in Florida, you can visit the Florida home insurance rankings page. On this page, you can also get insurance recommendations based on your specific requirements and zip code.

1. USAA Insurance for Florida homeowners insurance

USAA is the highest rated homeowners insurance company in Florida with a home insurance rating of 4.70 out of 5.00 stars on USAA home insurance is only available to active and former military members and their families, but you can check your eligibility in the blog post: Am I eligible for USAA?

Pros: Among USAA reviews on, trends have emerged in things that customers say the company does well. Common things mentioned in the reviews include an easy-to-use website, USAA explains coverage well, transparent pricing, good discount offerings, flexible billing options, and a variety of coverage options.

Cons: When analyzing USAA reviews, no clear cons emerged. Any negative reviews are likely case-specific issues.

A vast majority of USAA customers are very pleased with their experiences, as you can see in the data below from USAA reviews:

  • 93% of USAA customers are likely to renew.
  • 94% of USAA customers would recommend the insurance to a friend.
  • 94% of USAA customers rate their claims experience positively.

In a positive review from a Florida USAA policyholder, the customer discussed that they can trust USAA. The review says, “USAA is a great and fair Company any time i have needed them they have always been [there] for me . [They] do just what i need in life to make my life better. [A] Company you can trust.

Read all USAA reviews on

2. Allstate Insurance for Florida homeowners insurance

Allstate is the second best Florida homeowners insurance company that offers quotes on Allstate is a large, national company and has many happy customers who have posted reviews on Clearsurance, attributing the company’s positive reputation. On Clearsurance, Allstate earned a score of 3.99 out of 5.00 stars for homeowners insurance.

Pros: Customers frequently comment positively about Allstate’s transparent pricing and flexible billing options. Homeowners in Florida should be happy to learn that another positive attribute mentioned by customers is a wide range of coverage options. Other things that customers like about Allstate include an easy-to-use website and the company explains coverage well.

Cons: Despite having many reviews on Clearsurance, no consistent patterns of cons are noted—problems are few and far between.

With many popular features and infrequent problems, Allstate’s customers are largely very happy with their coverage and service, as you can see in the statistics below that are sourced from Allstate reviews on

  • 80% of Allstate customers are likely to renew.
  • 78% of Allstate customers would recommend the insurance to a friend.
  • 77% of Allstate customers rate their claims experience positively.

There are a number of Allstate reviews that discuss customer satisfaction and affordability. One Florida Allstate customer said in a review, “Great company I love this company so much they covered my home and auto insurance for a very cheap price.

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3. Liberty Mutual Insurance for Florida homeowners insurance

Liberty Mutual is another major nationwide insurance company and customers rate it highly on Clearsurance. Liberty Mutual is third on the list of the best Florida homeowners insurance companies that offer quotes on On average, based on customer reviews on, Liberty Mutual’s score for home insurance is 3.94 out of 5.00 stars.

Pros: Customers mention Liberty Mutual’s transparent pricing and clear explanations as reasons to consider the company. They also note flexible billing as a positive aspect and compliment the company’s options for coverage.

Cons: The only negative point commonly cited in reviews is that loyal customers aren’t rewarded.

The majority of Liberty Mutual reviews are positive. Below, you can see statistics sourced from the reviews on Clearsurance.

  • 77% of Liberty Mutual customers are likely to renew.
  • 77% of Liberty Mutual customers would recommend the insurance to a friend.
  • 74% of Liberty Mutual customers rate their claims experience positively.

While there are many positive reviews you can read, we’d like to highlight one from a customer in Florida. The review says, “I love this company. They are so responsible and [I] like that. Me and my family feel so [comfortable] and safe.

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The top 3 Florida home insurance companies based on customer price rating

While there are many factors to consider when shopping for Florida homeowners insurance, one of the most important ones is price. You want to make sure that you don’t overpay for Florida home coverage. Clearsurance analyzed Florida companies and how customers rated the company for the price of their policy.

Below you can find the top 3 Florida home insurance companies rated by customers for their perceptions of price. Please note: for this ranking, we looked at all homeowners insurance companies in Florida that had at least 25 reviews that included a rating on price. The ratings displayed are shown out of a 5-star scale.

  1. GEICO: 4.08 for price rating
  2. Allstate Insurance: 4.00 for price rating
  3. State Farm Insurance Company: 3.62 for price rating

When shopping for Florida homeowners insurance, remember to get quotes from multiple companies so you can compare the policies and find the best option. Be sure to visit Clearsurance’s Florida homeowners insurance rankings page to get customized recommendations based on your homeowners insurance requirements.