Quick Tip: The Best Way to Remove Gum from Carpet

If you’re stuck on how to remove gunky gum from the carpet, chew on this fast, easy, and non-damaging fix!

How to  Remove Gum from Carpet - Stick of Gum

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Even if you’re not a gum chewer, you can still fall victim to the sticky substance if a wad on the concrete sneaks its way onto the soles of your shoes. The gunky guest then follows you home, where it takes up permanent residence in your carpet.

While you may be tempted to forcibly remove the clingy carpet dweller by pulling it by hand, this approach can cause collateral damage to the delicate fibers of your carpet. To prevent a sticky situation for getting even stickier, give lodged-in gum wads the cold shoulder—with ice cubes!

How to  Remove Gum from Carpet - With Ice Cubes

Photo: fotosearch.com

This is why it pays to always stock ice: Gather ice cubes from the freezer, and then…

  1. Press a single cube directly into the offending gum wad. Leave the ice on the gum for at least one minute. This will freeze and harden the gum, making it easier to lift off.
  2. Gently pick at and pull the stiffened gum from the carpet using your fingers, a spatula, or a butter knife.
  3. Start lifting along the edges and move toward the center of the wad, taking care not to remove the carpet fibers along with the gum! (Master this technique, and you can even apply it to upholstery messes and gummed-up clothes in future.
  4. At this point, most of the gum should be out of sight and out of mind, but if stubborn residue remains, root it out with a few drops of a rub featuring Methyl salicylate (like the pain-relieving cream, Bengay).
  5. Scrub away any discoloration or carpet stains left in the gum’s wake with a mild carpet cleaning detergent.
  6. Rinse the area with warm water to send your gummy ordeal packing!
How to Remove Gum from Carpet - And Clothes

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