At $360 Off, the Kamado Joe Classic II Will Heat Up Your Summer

Serve up deliciously grilled and smoked food with the Kamado Joe Classic II—now for almost $360 off its usual price on Amazon.

By Sabrina Serani | Updated Oct 23, 2021 9:36 AM

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If kamado or egg-style grills have been filling your social media feeds but you don’t have one yet, this great deal on the Kamado Joe Classic II is your sign. You can get a 22 percent discount off this grill that’s developed a cult following—that’s almost $360 off!

Grilling might well be one of the great American pastimes, but the kamado style of grilling is almost 3,000 years old, originating in China and spreading to Japan. Even with its history, kamado grills have seen a tremendous surge in popularity recently. Kamado aficionados praise the grill for the superior flavor it produces, smoking ability, and moisture retention, thanks to the grill’s enclosed ceramic structure. This model is one of our top picks for the best kamado grills on the market.

The Kamado Joe Classic II offers enough cooking area for a family feast. The ceramic delivers outstanding heat retention so you can cook low and slow for hours—great for grillmasters who prefer to set it and forget it. It uses charcoal so you get that unmistakable smoky flavor, and because it’s enclosed, it’s more fuel efficient than other grills. But user-friendly features like the spring-loaded hinge, rust-resistant finish, durable side shelves, and slide-out ash box truly make the Kamado Joe Classic II stand out above other egg grills. Buy the Kamado Joe Classic II on Amazon for $1,299.98.

Classic Kamado

Kamado Joe Classic II Ceramic Charcoal Grill

NOW $1,299.98 (was $1,659). For a great grilling experience right out of the box, look no further than the Kamado Joe Classic II. This model is an investment, but it comes with more bells and whistles than other kamado grills—and reviews say that the extra cost is well worth it. The two-tier system allows you to cook foods in different ways. The side shelves, cart, and locking wheels make this one of the more user-friendly egg grills on the market.

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Also available at BBQGuys for $1,318.99 and Walmart for $1,433.20.

Other Products We Love

Whether you’re looking for a kamado grill to be a permanent fixture in the backyard or a more portable option, check out these trusted picks below to find one that’s just right for you.

Top-Rated Portable Kamado

Kamado Joe Jr. 13.5 inch Charcoal Grill

NOW $399. For grilling on the go, there’s no better choice than the Kamado Joe Jr. This grill is sturdy yet easily portable enough to take to the beach, campground, or tailgates. The 148.5-square-inch cooking surface gives ample room to cook a whole chicken with vegetables on the side. The charcoal-powered enclosed design delivers supreme flavor and moisture to whatever you’re grilling or smoking.

Bang For The Buck

Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Charcoal Grill

NOW $336.28. For a budget-friendly backyard version, check out this Char-Griller kamado grill. Unlike the Kamado Joe versions, this kamado grill is made from steel and is durable and less prone to chipping than ceramic (but since it’s prone to rusting, this may not be the pick if you live in a wet area). For the kamado experience without the high price tag, this is a solid choice.

Multipurpose Design

VISION Grills Ceramic Kamado Compact

NOW $464.99. This kamado grill is sturdy enough to be a backyard staple, but you can also load it into the trunk and take it with you as a portable grill. This is a great choice if you’re tight on backyard space or you anticipate that you’ll be grilling at home just as much as you will on the go. Just because this grill is made to be adaptable doesn’t mean it compromises on functionality: Reviewers rave that this grill is both efficient and easy to use.