How Much Does a Laundry Jet Cost?

A Laundry Jet system can be used in single-story or multilevel homes to make transporting dirty laundry fast and easy. Laundry Jet cost ranges from $800 to $15,000.
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Laundry Jet Cost

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  • The typical cost range for a laundry chute or Laundry Jet is $800 to $15,000.
  • The exact cost will depend on factors like the type of chute being installed, the number of stories in the home, and whether it’s being installed in an existing home or in a new building.
  • A laundry chute can provide several benefits, including less clutter in the home, time savings for the residents, improved safety, and even increased home value.
  • Installing a laundry chute can be tricky, especially in an existing home, so it’s generally recommended for homeowners to hire a professional to install their system.
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Laundry chutes make transporting dirty clothing and linens to the washing machine less of a hassle, but a vacuum-powered Laundry Jet takes it to the next level. A traditional laundry chute is a tube that runs from the upper floors of a house down to the laundry area. The chute can be made of wood, sheet metal, melamine, or drywall, and it relies on gravity to direct the laundry down to the laundry room. A Laundry Jet transports items to the laundry area via a suction tube from any room where a port is installed. This means an air-powered Laundry Jet system can be installed in a 1-story home to transport dirty towels, clothing, and linens to the laundry area—even if it’s on the same floor. How much does a Laundry Jet cost? According to Angi, the starting price for a traditional laundry chute is $800. The cost can skyrocket up to $15,000 for a Laundry Jet, depending on the size of the system and the number of ports. Laundry chutes are convenient, and they also minimize the risk of injury from transporting laundry up and down stairs. Investing in a laundry chute or a Laundry Jet can increase the value of a home and make it more attractive to potential home buyers.

The more floors in a home, the more expensive it will be to install a laundry chute. Since it’s important to know exactly what lies between the laundry chute entrance and the laundry room, a professional contractor should be used to install a traditional laundry chute or a Laundry Jet. Outlet wires, plumbing, drainpipes, ductwork, framing, and thermostat wires are only a few of the obstacles that can get in the way of adding a laundry chute to a home. A professional has the knowledge and expertise to navigate through those areas and construct and install a laundry chute the right way. This guide will explore the individual factors that influence Laundry Jet installation cost, the different types of laundry chute and Laundry Jet options, the benefits of having a laundry chute or Laundry Jet in the home, and some frequently asked questions about Laundry Jet cost and the installation process.

Laundry Jet vs. Laundry Chute

What is a Laundry Jet? Laundry Jet is a brand name of a vacuum-powered laundry chute that can transport dirty laundry to the laundry area from any room in which a port is installed. A Laundry Jet can be used in a single-story or multilevel home and installed as part of new-home construction or added to an existing structure. How does Laundry Jet work? The transport system is activated when a port is opened and turns off when the port door is closed. When a port is opened, it activates the air machine, which sucks the laundry to the washing area. The air machine is connected to a 6-inch pipe that can be located in the attic or crawl space. Ports can be installed at differing heights to prevent children from using the system to transport toys or other items that do not belong in the system. An installation option is the laundry Return Unit, which returns the laundry back upstairs or to another area in the house to be folded. Laundry Jet price can vary according to system options, number of ports, and the length of the chute.

A traditional laundry chute relies on gravity to direct dirty laundry from the upper floors of a house to the laundry area on the lowest level. Secured to the inside of the walls with brackets, a traditional laundry chute can be made of wood, melamine, drywall, or sheet metal. Laundry chutes are simple devices that can last as long as the home and even see generations of residents using them to do their laundry.

Factors in Calculating Laundry Chute or Laundry Jet Cost

Laundry chute and Laundry Jet system costs can vary from the national average for a few reasons. These can include the laundry chute brand, laundry chute type, number of stories a house has, number of chutes, and new construction versus existing-home installation. For those who have their own washer and dryer and don’t have to rely on the best laundry delivery services, a laundry chute is a convenient addition to a home.

Laundry Chute Brand

The laundry chute brand influences the overall price of installation. A basic Laundry Jet kit that includes the air machine unit and two ports is about $4,000, not including the required 6-inch pipe. Individual pricing can vary according to the type of Laundry Jet system and how many ports are needed in the home.

While a traditional gravity-based laundry chute is a less-expensive option, it will only work properly if the laundry area is on a lower level in the home.

Laundry Chute Type

Having a laundry chute, regardless of type, makes transporting and cleaning laundry easier. Below are different types of laundry chutes.

  • Lateral laundry chute. This type of laundry chute transports dirty laundry from one room to another. The lateral chute moves laundry sideways to a next-door room that houses the washing machine.
  • Multistory laundry chute. A multistory laundry chute moves clothing, towels, and bedding down to the laundry area below. The laundry moves through a tube or ductwork that’s installed inside the walls and uses gravity to guide the laundry to its final destination.
  • Exposed laundry chute. This type of laundry chute drops dirty laundry through a hole in the floor. Exposed chutes need to be covered to prevent unwanted items from falling through the hole in the floor.
  • Vacuum-powered laundry chute. A vacuum-powered laundry chute like Laundry Jet ranges in price from $2,400 to $15,000, depending on the size of the system and the number of ports. Laundry Jet pricing includes the estimate of the required 6-inch pipe, but it does not include delivery or installation costs.

Number of Stories

Laundry chute installation prices will be more expensive for homes with multiple stories. The longer the chute needs to be to reach the laundry room, the more materials needed to construct the chase (the tunnel the laundry passes through to reach the washing area).

Number of Chutes

Installing a laundry chute system that needs multiple chutes can become a complex job. Many chutes that span various levels of the home need to meet up to drop the laundry into the washing area. It’s important for a professional to design and construct the chute system to avoid sharp corners that will result in laundry that gets trapped on its way to the laundry room. A laundry chute professional has the experience to build multiple laundry chutes around plumbing pipes, wiring, ductwork, and house framing.

New Construction vs. Existing-Home Installation

New construction and renovation projects can handle a laundry chute installation more easily than an existing structure is able to. During a new construction, a builder can make any room into a laundry room, and a laundry chute can be ideally placed in a straight path to the laundry room. The process becomes trickier to accomplish during a retrofit project. Obstacles within the walls and flooring can be challenging to work around, and the project can cost more to accommodate the angles and turns.

Types of Laundry Jets and Laundry Jet Parts

Laundry chutes are designed to make transporting laundry and the chore of cleaning clothes, towels, and bedding easier. Whether a homeowner decides to install a traditional laundry chute or one of the vacuum-powered Laundry Jet options, there are benefits to each style.

Traditional Laundry Chute

Instead of homeowners having to carry baskets of dirty laundry up and down stairs, a laundry chute makes the process easier by dropping the laundry straight down into the laundry area. This can minimize the potential risk of personal injury from tripping and falling while using the stairs. Professional installation for a traditional laundry chute starts at approximately $800.

Laundry Jet Plus

The Laundry Jet Plus is a vacuum-powered laundry chute that can be installed inside custom cabinetry. This Laundry Jet model can be paired with either an automatic or a manually controlled port door. It has an automated cycle and can transport clothes up to 200 feet from one location to another. The high-capacity Laundry Jet Plus can be installed with up to eight ports, and it can also be used with the Return Unit option that directs clean laundry up the chute to a different location to be folded. The average cost of a Laundry Jet ranges from $2,400 to $15,000, depending on the number of ports and the size of a vacuum-powered system.

Laundry Jet Swift

The Laundry Jet Swift can be installed with up to four ports. It has an automated cycle that allows the user to insert laundry and transport it to the laundry room. This model has a rectangular viewport and a gloss acrylic finish, and it can be used with the Return Unit option to return clean laundry to a specific area in the house.

Laundry Jet iSense Port

The Laundry Jet iSense Port is a fully automatic port that uses hands-free technology. A user can simply wave their hand three times in front of the motion sensor and the port will open to transport laundry to the laundry area. With a close-proximity sensor, the port door will not open needlessly when someone walks by it.

Laundry Jet Slide Port

The Laundry Jet Slide Port is a budget-friendly, manually operated port in the Laundry Jet system. When the door is opened, it activates the Laundry Jet system to transport dirty laundry quickly and efficiently. These port doors can be custom installed to open from four different orientations to fit the design of the room and the installation area. Dirty bedding and damp towels can be inserted into the port and carried away to the laundry room with ease. Once the last item has been whisked away to the washing machine, the user can close the port door, so it’s ready for the next use.

Laundry Jet Return Unit

All the Laundry Jet systems are compatible with the Laundry Jet Return Unit. This unit uses a separate pipe to transport clean laundry from the laundry room to a specific area in the house. The different transport pipe ensures the laundry remains clean and is ready for folding. While the Laundry Jet system has an operating noise of approximately 22 decibels, which is considered whisper-quiet, the Laundry Jet Return Unit is a bit louder, registering at 62 decibels (about the sound level of a normal conversation).

Laundry Jet Cost

Benefits of Laundry Jets and Chutes

Laundry chutes can prevent dirty laundry from piling up and becoming an eyesore, and no one wants to walk into a room and get a whiff of dirty laundry. The benefits of installing a traditional laundry chute or a vacuum-powered model such as Laundry Jet can include reduced clutter, time savings, improved safety, and increased home value.

Reduced Clutter

A laundry chute is a convenient way to reduce the clutter of dirty laundry in bedrooms and in the bathroom. By having the ability to transport clothes, bedding, and towels immediately to the laundry room, the home’s residents won’t have to experience overflowing hampers or baskets of dirty clothes. When changing the bedding or getting undressed at night, family members can simply open the chute door or Laundry Jet port, insert the items, and have them immediately transported to the laundry area.

Time Savings

A laundry chute is an excellent option that can save homeowners time and energy when doing laundry. Inserting dirty laundry into a traditional laundry chute or Laundry Jet saves time from collecting dirty laundry from the floor, putting it into a basket, and lugging it downstairs to be cleaned. After using a laundry chute, the home’s residents can do the laundry at any time by just walking into the laundry room and not having to take the time to carry heavy baskets through the house.

Improved Safety

There is always a risk of falling down the stairs or tripping on them when carrying heavy loads of laundry. Lugging overflowing baskets of laundry to the washing machine in the basement or wherever the laundry room is located can be a chore in and of itself. Installing a traditional laundry chute or a Laundry Jet system can ensure that carrying heavy baskets of laundry are a thing of the past.

Increased Home Value

A laundry chute can increase the value of a home by the same value of the chute system and sometimes more. By enhancing the laundry room with the best laundry room accessories, a traditional laundry chute, or a vacuum-powered option, a homeowner can increase the desirability of their home when it’s time to put it on the market.

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Laundry Jet Installation: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional 

For homeowners who are experienced DIYers, installing a traditional laundry chute can be a good DIY project. The overall cost of traditional laundry chute materials ranges from $100 to $200, depending on the length of the chute. Installing a laundry chute as a DIY project usually takes much longer than it would take a professional. Homeowners will want to keep in mind that retrofitting a laundry chute in an existing home comes with some tricky maneuvers. Installing the chase, or the tube the laundry passes through, requires navigating around wiring, framework, plumbing pipes, ductwork, and more. A professional laundry chute installation company has the experience and knowledge to install a laundry chute system safely. For homeowners that do not have DIY experience, it’s recommended to call a pro for laundry chute installation. The average starting price for a traditional laundry chute installation starts at $800, but it can be higher if the home has multiple floors and requires additional materials.

Homeowners who are interested in installing a Laundry Jet vacuum-powered system can expect to pay between $2,400 and $15,000, depending on the size of the system, model type, and number of ports. It is possible for experienced DIYers and pros who are already experienced in installing traditional laundry chutes to take the official Laundry Jet Installer Course and Certification Exam. To pass, they must earn a grade of at least 85 percent. It’s important to note that the Laundry Jet warranty only applies to installations that are completed by those that take the course and pass the certification exam. Certified professionals can download their “pass” certificate, so homeowners who are interested can ask to see it when shopping around for price estimates.

How to Save Money on Laundry Jet Cost

Laundry chutes are a convenient way to transport laundry throughout the house. For homeowners who are interested in saving money on the installation project, below are some money-saving tips.

  • Get multiple estimates. Shop around and get at least three estimates from reputable laundry chute professionals in your area to find a price that works with your budget.
  • Skip the extras. If you’re interested in a Laundry Jet vacuum-powered laundry chute system, a manual port door option will be cheaper than the automatic model.
  • Buy a kit. Traditional laundry chute kits are available at local big-box stores for less than the cost of buying the materials separately.
  • Choose less-expensive materials. Laundry chutes are typically made from smooth materials to ensure clothing, towels, and bedding do not snag and get caught on the way down to the laundry room. Using cheaper materials for the chase can save money, but extra care will be needed to prevent snags.

Questions to Ask About Laundry Jet Installation

Asking a laundry chute installation professional the right questions can minimize miscommunication and save money. Below are some questions for a homeowner to ask about laundry chutes and the installation process.

  • Are you certified to install a Laundry Jet system?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Do you provide free estimates?
  • How long have you been installing laundry chutes?
  • Will you provide references?
  • Do you have examples of previous laundry chute installations?
  • Does a laundry chute need to be fire rated?
  • What are the local regulations regarding laundry chutes?
  • Who will install the laundry chute?
  • What is the best area in the house to install a laundry chute?
  • Should there be a laundry chute door in every bedroom or just one in the hallway?
  • When can you start the project?
  • How long will it take to install the laundry chute?
  • Is a straight drop possible, or will the installation be more complex?
  • What materials do you use?
  • What safety elements do I need to consider?
  • Is a permit required to install a laundry chute?
  • How can I leave a review of your service?


Deciding on a Laundry Jet system and keeping the installation costs budget-friendly can be a daunting process. Below are some frequently asked questions about Laundry Jet systems and the installation process.

Q. Are there any installation costs associated with a Laundry Jet, and if so, how are they calculated?

Installation costs can range from $2,400 to $15,000, depending on the size of the system and the number of ports. More specific pricing is available on the Laundry Jet website. By filling out a quote request form, homeowners can provide the details Laundry Jet representatives need to provide a more accurate estimate.

Q. Is there any maintenance required for a Laundry Jet, and if so, what are the costs associated with it?

If dirty clothing, towels, or bedding gets the inside of the transport tube dirty, Laundry Jet recommends wrapping a 6-inch foam ball with a Clorox wipe and sending it through the system from each port to clean it. Another option is to spray a towel with a cleaning solution and send it through the system a few times to clean out the inside of the tube.

Q. How do you determine what size and model of Laundry Jet is right for your home or business?

Laundry Jet has a quote tool where customers can fill out the form and get a quote for the system that will work the best for their home or business. For a traditional laundry chute, a homeowner can determine what size chute they need based on the number of people in the house and the number of rooms they want to be able to send laundry from to the laundry room.

Q. Can a Laundry Jet move jeans?

Yes, a Laundry Jet can transport jeans, bedding, damp towels, and more throughout the chute system to the laundry room.

Q. Is a Laundry Jet loud?

The Laundry Jet ports are considered whisper-quiet and are typically installed in bedrooms and bathrooms. Similar to a vacuum cleaner at 77 decibels, the Laundry Jet wall-mounted unit makes more noise. The unit can be vented to the outside or into the attic to reduce the overall sound of the laundry chute system.

Q. How does the cost of a Laundry Jet compare to similar products or services, such as traditional laundry chutes?

A vacuum-powered laundry chute like Laundry Jet is more expensive than a traditional laundry chute that relies on gravity to move clothes to a laundry room in the lower level of a home. Laundry Jet prices range from $2,400 to $15,000, while the price of a traditional laundry chute starts at $800.

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