5 Things to Do with… Light Bulbs

Got a burn-out bulb? There are many fun and useful ways to repurpose it as an accent for your home.

By Chris Gardner | Updated Dec 11, 2018 9:20 AM

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You flipped the switch only to see the light bulb flash with that familiar blue flare? My friend, you’ve got another burnt-out bulb on your hands. Don’t fret: Not everything is lost, just the filament. You can repurpose the bulb itself into a slew of creative home accents. Scroll down to see five favorite light bulb DIY projects.



Light Bulb DIY Projects - Candle

Photo: wanelo.com

Counterintuitive though it may seem, a burnt-out light bulb makes for a quirky and stylish light source—that is, with some modification. Step one: Fill the bulb with lamp oil. Step two: Insert a short length of hemp string to act as a wick. Step three: Glue the bulb to a coin or a washer so that it stands up straight. Done!



Light Bulb DIY Projects - Aquarium

Photo: onpapercuts.wordpress.com

This light bulb DIY project enables you to see the sea in all its glory, right on your desk top or window sill. Your choice of aquatic plants can be cultivated in a hollowed-out, water-filled oversized bulb. The best part? You don’t need to water fauna that is… under water. Simply provide sunlight and watch it all grow.



Light Bulb DIY Projects - Wall Hook

Photo: flickr.com

Need a place to hang your hat? Fill the shell of a light bulb with mortar mix. Once it has dried, attach a screw to the end and dazzle up the outside with a unique design. What you get is an out-of-the-ordinary wall hook, which in contrast to some other light bulb DIY projects, offers a straightforward practical benefit.



Light Bulb DIY Projects - Terrarium

Photo: pocketgrow.com

Use pliers and a screwdriver to prep your light bulb. Once you’ve removed all its guts, add in a few tablespoons of sand or a small handful of pebbles, or both, but avoid dirt. Air plants survive best here; skip the finickier species. As a final step, place any decorations you like, e.g. small shells, before adding a little H2O.



Light Bulb DIY Projects - Jewelry

Photo: deviantart.net

Make your penchant for repurposing projects known to the world: Wear a light bulb as a fashion accessory. You might even consider filling the bulb with colored sand or dyed water. Whatever you do, stick with a smaller bulb. A big one would swing and knock against things, and you’d look pretty silly wearing it.


If and when the proverbial light bulb goes on over your head, please share your light bulb DIY project ideas in the comments section below!