Bob Vila Radio: Log Splitter

If you heat your house with wood, you know how expensive buying firewood can be. Cutting, splitting, and drying a cord of wood adds so much to its price that if you are lucky enough to have the natural resources (the trees), it’s well worth doing it yourself.

Log Splitter



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You can rent a log splitter for a few hundred bucks, which goes a long way if you’ve got a lot of wood to split or you’re sharing the rental with neighbors. If you’re doing this every year, though, it might be worth shelling out a couple grand for one you can use year round at your leisure. The new flywheel-driven models have more power than you’d expect with just a small gas-powered motor, but once you get the hang of it, they can split a cord of wood in under an hour.

Look for models with an electric start, heavy duty wheels for getting it where you need it, and a table that diverts split wood out of your way while you’re working. And don’t forget ear and eye protection, gloves, long sleeves and steel-toed boots, just in case!

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