Bob Vila Radio: 4 Landscaping Projects That Pay You Back

Your landscape may be demanding, but it can give back too, if you guide it.

True—maintaining your landscape isn’t necessarily cheap. Fortunately, there are plenty of clever little ways to save money along the way.

Money-Saving Landscaping Projects




1. Compost your waste That saves you from having to buy fertilizer. Composting may even save you on garbage pickup. After all, if your county charges for pickup by the bag, then everything you toss into the compost heap, not into the regular trash, indirectly goes to your bottom line.

2. Strategically plant trees Site deciduous trees on the east, west, and northwest sides of your home to foster shade and reduce the need for summertime AC. Meanwhile, on the north side, plant evergreen trees to serve as a buffer against cold winds in the winter.

3. Build a trellis Placed over sunny windows and planted with climbing, flowering vines, trellises provide dappled shade all summer, helping keep the home interior cooler than it otherwise would be. In the winter, vine foliage withers away to allow for solar heat gain.

4. Use plenty of mulch Doing so cuts down on the need for watering, which saves you both money and time. But mulch costs money, right? Not always. Check if your city gives away the mulched remains of fallen trees.  If not, create your own mulch—in a pinch, it’s as easy as running a lawn mower over a pile of leaves.

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