These 10 Moody Paint Colors Will Help You Get More for Your Home Sale

Dark tones are here to stay and might even line your pockets in a home sale.
Modern style kitchen interior design with dark blue wall.3d rendering

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Bright paint colors are making way for darker, richer tones that add greater value to homes in 2023, according to a new Zillow study. The company’s latest paint color analysis found that dark gray kitchens can help sell a home for an “estimated $2,512 more than similar homes,” and dark gray living rooms could raise an offer by $1,755. Meanwhile, white kitchens can reduce an offer by “more than $600.”

All that to say, moody paint colors are trendy—and a worthwhile investment. Consider these dark grays, earthy greens, and rich blue tones to transform your home into a sophisticated, calming space with your next wall revamp.

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1. Onyx 

Living Room painted in Onyx Paint

Zillow reports charcoal and dark gray paint colors are here to stay, and help your home sell for more money to boot. These moody, dark tones transform the home into a stylish space with little effort. They’ll look stunning in a clean kitchen or as an accent color in a small space, like a powder room or mudroom. This deep onyx tone, in particular, is great for rooms with large windows that let in plenty of natural light.

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2. Alizarin

Room painted in Alizarin paint

This gorgeous, rosy earth tone was voted the Graham & Brown 2023 Color of the Year for good reason, a distinction that aligns with Zillow’s praise of terracotta paints. When added to cozy sitting rooms or smaller bedrooms, it provides a pop of color that doesn’t distract or overpower. The pinkish undertones exude a casual boldness in an interior space.

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3. Dark Granite

Kitchen painted in dark granite

This Glidden paint color is ideal for those wanting to add a little extra value to their home, according to Zillow. The warmth of this deep gray invites comfort, relaxation, and serenity, complimenting a living space perfectly. In kitchens, it would especially stand out from the standard white kitchen more commonly found in other homes on the market.

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4. Limestone Slate

Limestone Slate Bedroom

This stony paint color is a happy marriage between the dark gray tones lauded by Zillow’s report and the cool greens that promote a natural ambience. Earthy, simple, and versatile, this paint color by Dutch Boy will look particularly good in a bathroom or entry way (and potentially encourage buyers to pay in a home sale).

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5. Baked Terracotta

Baked Terra Cotta Paint

Zillow touts that terracotta paint colors in bathrooms could help sell a home for $1,624 more than similar homes missing this trendy color choice. The warmness of this Benjamin Moore hue sets it apart from the cool tones typical of bathrooms, changing the room into a more inviting space and avoiding the sterile feel of white bathrooms.

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6. Rosemary 

Rosemary Painted Kitchen

Sherwin-Williams evoked the herb garden and spice rack favorite with Rosemary, a cool green hue with rich and natural qualities. When painted onto living room walls or kitchen cabinets, this botanic color will soothe everyday busyness with its calming shade. This color is perfect for those who want to use a green paint color in their home but are hesitant to paint their walls a more saturated green hue.

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7. Redend Point

Rosemary Painted Kitchen

Voted the Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2023, Redend Point is a new interpretation of what “neutral” color palettes can be. It has a moderate terracotta undertone while maintaining a versatile simplicity. Whether it covers dining room walls, adorns bathroom ceilings, or pairs with dark kitchen cabinets, this paint color may tempt you to ditch white neutrals and embrace earthtones for good.

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8. Smokey Blue

Smokey Blue Living Room

If you desire a darker tone in your home but tend to go for cooler tints, this paint color represents the best of both worlds. A deep (but subdued) blue, it’s excellent as an accent color for kitchen cabinets or a bold guest bedroom wall color. When paired with brass lighting fixtures or white trim, the blue tone will create a timeless look. Additionally, this Sherwin-Williams paint would look perfectly at home on a front door!

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9. London Clay 

London Clay Painted Loft

This dark earthenware tone naturally blends into any room, as well as with virtually any color of furniture, fixtures, or cabinetry. A possible successor to greige, London Clay might be the new and improved neutral. The richness of the brown gives off a modest elegance, adding depth to a space without being too loud or too muted.

10. Roycroft Copper Red

Roycroft Copper Red

This bold thermal red paint will add a pop of color to your home without dominating the style of the room it’s used in. Similar to other dark terracotta colors, Roycroft Copper Red is a choice front door color, as well as a smart and chic bathroom accent color. Its relatively bright tone and striking warmth would especially stand out in small spaces that receive little natural light.