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How to Pick a Front Door Color 

The right front door color can transform your home's exterior and make your curb appeal pop. These tips will help you select a hue that's right for you.
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how to pick a front door color
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Choosing a front door color is more challenging than it sounds because the front door is one of the first things visitors notice about a home. There’s a lot riding on your color choice. It’s also no easy feat to settle on a hue that complements your home’s architecture, exterior paint color, and landscaping, and also harmonizes with your personal style. The easy thing to do is pick a safe, neutral color that no one notices—right?

However, the front door is also a place where you can make a bold statement without taking a big economic risk. A little color know-how and a good look at the home’s exterior will help. If you’re looking for a shade that’s new and on-trend, consider paint manufacturers’ 2022 colors of the year, which range from calm and comfortable to dark and moody. We’ll include a few below to get your wheels of inspiration turning.

Consider Surrounding Materials and Hues

how to pick a front door color
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Brick, stone, and vinyl siding bring different elements to a home’s exterior. Natural materials like brick and stone may have a general undertone with hints of other tones mixed in. Some bricks lean toward red, while others have more orange or even black in them. Stone can have a mix of colors, from blues and grays to blacks and whites. Also, consider the color and materials of the front porch when making your color decision.

If you want a subtle color that goes with light siding, stones, and bricks, try Aleutian by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams. It’s a moodier take on a light blue front door, but still feels settled and welcoming.

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Factor In the Home’s Architectural Style

Don’t feel locked in by your home’s architecture, but do take it into consideration. For example, a white country cottage may look a little off with a bright red door. However, a subtle green like Sherwin-Williams 2022 color of the year, Evergreen Fog, has hints of gray that fit the casual atmosphere of a cottage but add some mood, too. However, you can also go bold and modern with a black or deep navy blue like one of Valspar’s colors of the year, Mountain River, which gives that country cottage a modern makeover.

Prioritize Your Personal Preferences

how to pick a front door color
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Are you a modern farmhouse kind of person, or are you more traditional or eclectic? For those who like a modern take on front doors, think outside the norm and go with a cheerful lime, turquoise, eggplant, or bright yellow hue. Or mix up a dark modern exterior paint with a door painted in Benjamin Moore’s October Mist. This light, earthy green adds a hint of nature to the entryway.

Contemporary homes (and homeowners) can get away with pink, orange, and other spring colors. Earthy and natural colors like Art and Craft by Dunn-Edwards have a down-to-earth feel that fits with a traditional style and a light or dark exterior.

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Think About Landscaping

Landscaping influences the front door less than other considerations, but there are times when it should have a role in the decision. For example, a front door surrounded (or crowded) by well-manicured bushes, trees, and other foliage might not pop as much as you want it to if the door is painted green.

You also can use the front door to counteract elements of the surrounding landscape. For example, brighten the rainy winter weather of the Pacific Northwest with a brightly colored door, or break up the browns of the desert with a rich jewel tone.

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Make It Pop (or Not)

how to pick a front door color
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There are times when the front door probably shouldn’t draw too much attention, and one of those times is when your home is on the market. Colors like black, charcoal gray, and white have broad buyer appeal and can increase the value of the home. These neutral colors also work well with exterior decor elements, such as wreaths and outdoor furniture, which also increase the home’s curb appeal.

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If you’ve assessed your landscaping, house color, and courage (about dressing your door in a bold new shade, that is) and are still coming up short on the perfect entryway hue, here’s one last element to consider before you head off to the paint store: In some countries and cultures, there’s significance attached to the color of a home’s front door. According to, a green door indicates wealth and prosperity. A door that’s painted blue gives off a calming, trustworthy vibe as though to say, come in—there are good people inside.