11 Best Front-Door Wreaths for Every Season

The right wreath can dress up your front door and welcome guests to your home.

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Front-door wreaths add color, curb appeal, and a warm welcome for visitors. You’ll find these decor staples range from seasonal and even holiday-specific to more versatile styles that can be enjoyed year-round. Our personal preference? Select an evergreen option you love and then pick a couple of seasonal ones to rotate in as the seasons change. We’ve rounded up a little bit of everything here, so keep reading to discover some of the best front-door wreaths to add some character and charm to your home, no matter what month we’re in.

1. Green Eucalyptus Wreath with Welcome Sign

Best Front-Door Wreath Option Green Eucalyptus Wreath with Welcome Sign
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Greet guests who visit your home with this realistic eucalyptus wreath with a (detachable) rustic wooden “Welcome” sign in the center. Its variegated leaves and large creamy-white berries mimic the real deal well. Note: This front-door wreath ships out as a compact 15 inches tall but will fluff to 20 inches in diameter to better fill your front door.

Get the Sggvecsy Green Eucalyptus Wreath with Welcome Sign on Amazon for $19.99.

2. Sunflower Wreath

Best Front-Door Wreath Option Sunflower Wreath
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Brighten up your front door this summer with this cheerful sunflower wreath. Each handcrafted, 18-inch wreath is filled with 25 large silk sunflowers, each one about 3 inches in size, and is sprinkled with some fern-like greenery and a few pops of pinks, orchids, and grapey purples. A large black-and-white gingham bow tied on the left side pulls the whole look together.

Get the Wezeho Artificial Sunflower Wreath on Amazon for $39.90.

3. Daisy and Rose Wreath

Best Front-Door Wreath Option Daisy and Rose Wreath
Photo: amazon.com

Those looking for spring wreaths for front-door use that embody a change of season and warmer weather need look no further than this pastel daisy, rose, and eucalyptus wreath. It brings together a kaleidoscope of Easter-like colors: pink, peach, lemony yellow, robin-egg blue, and white. With all its many buds and berries, this spring wreath spans a generous 24 inches in diameter and is nearly 5 inches deep.

Get the Jinghong Artificial Daisy and Rose Wreath on Amazon for $39.99.

4. Lighted Holiday Wreath

Best Front-Door Wreath Option Lighted Holiday Wreath
Photo: wayfair.com

Christmas wreaths are as synonymous with holiday decor as garlands and evergreen trees. We love a simple, lighted evergreen wreath that looks as appropriate for the winter holiday as it might later on in the snowy season. This lightly flocked 30-inch-wide wreath ticks that box, and it’s adorned with pine cones and deep-red berries nestled among warm-white lights.

Get the Three Posts Faux Lighted Wreath on Wayfair for $49.99.

5. Boxwood Wreath

Best Front-Door Wreath Option Boxwood Wreath
Photo: wayfair.com

This 16.5-inch boxwood wreath is one of the best year-round front-door wreaths, thanks to a vibrant green color that coordinates with any season. You can leave the wreath plain and hang it up right out of the box. Alternatively, consider adding some small embellishments—such as ribbon, berries, or ornaments—to decorate for an upcoming holiday or season.

Get the Ophelia & Co. Faux Boxwood Wreath on Wayfair for $53.99.

6. Blue and White Hydrangea Wreath

Best Front-Door Wreath Option Blue and White Hydrangea Wreath
Photo: amazon.com

With its dusty navy blue, steely blue, and cream-colored hydrangeas, this 22-inch wreath looks as striking in cooler weather as it does on warmer days. The high-quality silk flowers hold up in indoor and outdoor settings, but the manufacturer recommends keeping it out of rain and direct sunlight—porches and covered entryways or behind storm doors would be the best locations.

Get the Poetic Wreath Blue and White Hydrangea Wreath on Amazon for $63.99.

7. Eucalyptus Wreath

Best Front-Door Wreath Option Eucalyptus Wreath
Photo: amazon.com

A different take on a eucalyptus wreath, this 20-inch wreath features a spriggy and more organic design than our earlier eucalyptus recommendation. Part of that comes from the three different types of eucalyptus leaves it features. The green leaves offer a nice contrast that draws attention to the white berries sprinkled around the center. Here again, the neutral greenery makes this wreath a suitable option for most seasons.

Get the Pinkpum Eucalyptus Wreath on Amazon for $25.99.

8. Tulip Wreath

Best Front-Door Wreath Option Tulip Wreath
Photo: wayfair.com

What says spring more than a cheery bouquet of tulips? This beautifully realistic front-door wreath features an array of mauve, plum, lilac, and white tulips draped delicately around a 24-inch-wide form.

Get the Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Faux Tulip Wreath on Wayfair for $75.99.

9. Fall Hydrangea Wreath

Best Front-Door Wreath Option Fall Hydrangea Wreath
Photo: amazon.com

Welcome summer—or fall!—visitors with this white and burnt-orange hydrangea wreath that quite literally says “Hello.” The asymmetrical design features four clusters of hydrangeas surrounded by white berries and green leaves atop an 18-inch thatched wooden frame, which peeks out from behind the script at the bottom. Its coloring is so versatile that your neighbors won’t notice that you’ll leave it up for two (even three) seasons in a row.

Get the Qunwreath Fall Hydrangea Wreath on Amazon for $52.99.

10. Peony Wreath

Best Front-Door Wreath Option Peony Wreath
Photo: amazon.com

Bring English garden-party vibes to your front porch with this lovely 24-inch floral wreath. The wreath features a variety of flower shapes, sizes, and colors in a wonderfully wildflower kind of way. Adding to the realism, the bendable blossoms and greenery allow you to spruce them up into a more natural position if the wreath gets a little squished in storage during the off-season.

Get the Nearly Natural Peony Wreath on Amazon for $59.99.

11. Patriotic Burlap Wreath

Best Front-Door Wreath Option Patriotic Burlap Wreath
Photo: wayfair.com

Proudly display your patriotism with this red, white, and blue burlap wreath. The 20-inch wreath mimics the design of the American flag with the blue background and white stars on the upper left-hand side and red and white stripes around the rest of the perimeter—a perfect front-door addition around holidays such as the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Memorial Day.

Get the August Grover Faux Burlap Wreath on Wayfair for $64.99.

The prices listed here are accurate as of publication on April 14, 2023.


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