Paint Brands Are Already Predicting Next Year’s Hottest Hues—Here’s What We Know So Far

Finding the right paint color can be challenging. If you’re looking to change things up and need some inspiration, consider one of the hues that are expected to be hot in the coming year.

By Rachel Brougham | Published Aug 29, 2022 10:04 AM

paint color trends 2023


Painting can be one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to update the look of your space, whether it’s inside or out. But choosing a color that brings out the best in your room and is on trend can be difficult.

Glidden and Sherwin-Williams are out with their picks for what they anticipate will be hot colors in the year to come. Whether you’re looking to go bold or stick with colors that are a bit on the reserved side, consider one of these hot new paint hues to bring new life to your home.

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color trends

Photo: Glidden

When it was time to settle on their 2023 color of the year, Glidden paint by PPG asked consumers what they wanted to see in a new hue. Turns out they wanted a pop of color for those with more traditional tastes.

The result is Vining Ivy, a color that is not quite blue and not quite green. This deep teal will bring a feeling of calmness to any space, and its rich undertones make it a good choice for those who want a bold color that’s also sophisticated. The best part? It’s versatile!

“Consumers are seeking to simplify in this post-Covid era, as the past two years have shed a new light on the importance of serenity and little moments,” said Ashley McCollum, Glidden color expert. “Vining Ivy embodies this vibe perfectly. It is energizing yet grounding, and it works in literally any space. Its versatility takes the guesswork out of design, leaving consumers with more time to indulge in the things that matter most to them.”

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Vining Ivy

color trends

Photo: Glidden

If you love a look that’s symbolic of water, Vining Ivy (PPG1148-6) is a great option as it combines the boldness of blue with the calming and refined characteristics of green. The color pairs well with richly colored woods and also with a range of whites. And pairing it with gold accents such as door knobs, light fixtures, and furniture will bring a glamorous feel to your space.

For those not ready to go all in, Vining Ivy can bring new life to kitchen cabinets, make an accent wall pop, or freshen up the look of your front door.

“Even the most modest spaces can benefit from the teal treatment. For those short on square footage but big on style, we recommend using this rich hue as a bold contrast to a neutral palette, making a petite room feel plush,” McCollum said.

Additional 2023 color trends from Glidden include:

Foxfire Brown (PPG1069-6)
Stonehenge Greige (PPG1024-5)
Cool Clay (PPG1071-5)
Dark Granite (PPG1005-7)
Spicy Mustard (PPG1108-5)
Pine Forest (PPG1134-7)
Fossil Stone (PPG1102-2)
Lazy River (PPG1148-4)
Mostly Metal (PPG1036-7)


sherwin-williams colormix forecast 2023

Photo: Sherwin-Williams

If more earthy and traditional hues are your style, you’ll want to check out the Terra Collection from Sherwin-Williams which is composed of 40 colors across four palettes.

Sherwin-Williams invites consumers to think of these earthy colors not just as a collection, but as a representation of ourselves and our planet. Designers of the Terra palette chose the muted hues as a reflection of our connection to the Earth, our fondest memories, and future hopes.

“All kinds of trend topics are considered—from climate change to mental health—and emerging trend topics are then thoughtfully translated into defining colors and cohesive palettes,” the company noted in its press release.

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Terra Collections

sherwin-williams color forecast 2023

Photo: Sherwin-Williams

The 40 colors in the Terra Collection fit in one of four curated palettes: balanced Biome, passionate Lore, serene Nexus, and vibrant Origin. Within these four palettes are a variety of hues including earthy naturals, reds and violets, and deep blues and greens—meaning there is something for every style.

The company is expected to announce their official pick for their 2023 color of the year in the coming months. Until then, here’s a look at the four curated palettes, the colors in each, and how they could work in your space.

Biome: The Biome palette is a representation of our planet’s changing ecosystem, while also giving a nod to its balance. For those looking to bring a feeling of peacefulness and sophistication to a room, this color palette delivers. Think taupes, foggy greens, and a deep bronze.

Lore: Colors from the Lore palette are a representation of the world. These ancient reds, powdery pastels, and jeweled tones are, according to the website, “present in the very air we breathe, binding us together in a community of makers that spans centuries and crosses cultures.” For an unexpected look, try Serape, a muted orange, or Mineral Gray, which brings a warm, dramatic feel to a room.

Nexus: The Nexus palette represents our communal well-being. These colors reflect love and kindness, quiet and healing. “Enkindle a sense of support and serenity with a potter’s palette of natural clays and sunbaked desert sands, grounding brown, and soft, soulful white.” Lei Flower, a deep coral, is the brightest hue in the palette which is mixed in among Cool Beige, Malted Milk, and Chatura Gray.

Origin: The Origin palette brings a joyful energy to the Terra Collection. For those looking for vibrant colors to enliven their space, these hues deliver; check out options including gold-yellow Goldfinich and not-quite maroon Peppery. A darkish blue, Indigo falls in a color family that never seems to go out of style.