Power Your Family’s Next Outdoor Adventure with Jackery’s Portable Generators

The company's huge line of compact power stations has something for every camping style.
Family charging a tablet while camping

Photo: Courtesy of Jackery

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This 2023 camping season, Jackery wants you to rethink what’s possible for your next outdoor family trip. The company recently beefed up their extensive line of portable power stations and solar generators with the introduction of the Explorer 3000 Pro, their most flexible and highest-capacity battery yet, allowing users to access an impressive 3,024 Wh of portable power in a rolling unit the size of a small cooler. Whether paired with Jackery’s foldable SolarSaga solar panels or charged up at home with your own grid power, the Explorer series of power stations is designed to bring a new level of comfort, flexibility and peace of mind to your time spent off the grid at a price and capacity that work for you. Here’s a quick rundown of how Jackery’s portable power systems work along with a few ideas about how they can potentially elevate your next family excursion.

The power to explore

Two women charging a drone and camera
Photo: Courtesy of Jackery

The Jackery Explorer line of power stations has something for everyone, with nine different portable batteries in a range of sizes, capacities, and peak wattages from the $140 Explorer 160 to the $2,800 all-new Explorer 3000 Pro. All Explorer power stations feature standard USB-A and 120-volt AC power outlets, making them a convenient way to keep smartphones, laptops, camping lights, cameras, and other small essentials powered on the go. At the top of the product range, more robust models like the Explorer 1500 and Explorer 2000 Pro offer high peak output wattages with multiple AC outlets, offering the ability to power several appliances simultaneously or to run high-wattage items like air conditioners and coolers. 

In addition to being chargeable via standard wall and car power, Jackery’s Explorer power stations are designed to work seamlessly with their SolarSaga line of portable solar panels. In this configuration, the power stations become portable solar generators, opening up a world of possibilities for extended vacations, sustainable off-grid living, and emergency backup power. The solar panels come in 80W, 100W, and 200W peak power models, all of which feature compact, lightweight, and waterproof construction designed to endure even the most demanding outdoor trips.

Unlike traditional generators, Jackery’s line of solar generators are built to use indoors, making them a safer and more sustainable alternative to gas and oil generators when it comes to home backup and emergency preparedness uses. Not only are Jackery’s solar generators run cleanly and quietly without producing carbon monoxide, but they also eliminate the need for storing fuel, which can be a hassle at best and unsafe at worst. 

A new level of possibility

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The Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro is the latest addition to the company’s family of products, offering a generous maximum output of 3000 watts in a compact, easy-to-transport 64-pound form factor. It features two USB-A and two USB-C ports, five 120-volt AC outputs, and a blazingly-fast charge time of 3 to 4 hours via solar panel or just 2.4 hours of wall power, making it one of the most flexible and powerful options currently on the market for maximizing your access to amenities and essential equipment while off the grid. Via the manufacturer’s smartphone app, users can take even further control of the Explorer 3000 Pro to access several advanced control and monitoring options including a super-quiet operation mode that keeps the unit at or under 30 dB.

Is a Jackery solar generator right for you?

Family using a Jackery power station
Photo: Courtesy of Jackery

Whether you want to stay connected on the go or unplug and unwind, Jackery’s power stations and solar panels are an appealing option for adding flexibility, safety, and peace of mind to your next outdoor vacation. Because they require no gas or oil like traditional generators, Jackery’s power stations offer a quiet, light, and sustainable way to bring along appliances and amenities that you may have otherwise not considered. The company is also currently offering $400 off their flagship Solar Generator 3000 Pro system both on Amazon and the Jackery website, making it even easier to dive into an off-grid lifestyle. From powering everyday creature comforts like microwaves and movie projectors, safety essentials like GPS trackers, CPAP machines, and lights, Jackery’s solar generator systems are definitely worth a look if you’re ready to explore the boundaries of what’s possible on your next family camping trip.