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Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner Review: Does This Gentle Formula Work?

This floor cleaner is effective on most hard floor types and is safe around kids and pets. A simple spray bottle dispenser allows for quick and efficient floor cleaning.
The Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner next to a mop during testing to clean a wood floor.

Photo: Katie Barton for Bob Vila

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When you need to remove food splatters, sticky drink spills, or caked-on mud from a hard floor, the appropriate cleaner for the job is your best bet. Floor cleaners break down dirt and grime, preventing the need for excessive scrubbing. I recently tested several hard floor cleaning products in my home, and Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner came out on top. This product quickly lifts tough stains and is safe for multiple floor types, which is a big win in my book.

During my tests, I evaluated eight products, coating my hard floors with a generous amount of pasta sauce, sticky soda, and mud to see which brands cleaned the messes most effectively. I also used each floor cleaner for regular mopping on all applicable surfaces. Even though many of these products did a good job, only Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner checked all the boxes, offering superior cleaning power, no harsh smell, ease of use, and versatility.

Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner: At a Glance

A spray bottle of the Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner next to a mop during testing to clean a wood floor.
Photo: Katie Barton for Bob Vila


  • Type: Spray
  • Size: 32 ounces
  • Compatible floor types: Hardwood, tile, vinyl, linoleum, and laminate floors


  • Gentle, water-based formula is safe for use around kids and pets
  • Can apply via the spray bottle, in a spray mop, in a floor cleaner machine, and with a mop and bucket
  • Suitable for everyday use but powerful enough to break down grease, grime, and stains


  • Smaller quantity compared to similar floor cleaners
  • Full bottle of spray feels cumbersome to carry around while mopping

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What is the Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner?

Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner is a ready-to-use mopping solution that’s safe for most hard floor surfaces, including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and tile. It is available in a 32-ounce spray bottle and a 128-ounce refill jug. The spray bottle is also compatible with the Rejuvenate Click n Clean mop when paired with a bottle adapter (sold separately).

To use Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner, vacuum or sweep first, spray the cleaner on the floor, mop, and allow the floor to dry before walking on it. The product has a very light and fresh scent and dries streak-free after mopping—no rinsing required. This gentle formula is safe around kids and pets and suitable for daily use. With the use of a mop, Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner lifts regular dirt and quickly breaks down grime.

The All Floors Cleaner differs from Rejuvenate’s popular All Floor Restorer product, which fills in scratches and adds shine to hardwood floors. Instead, the cleaner is just that—a gentle but effective mopping solution that doesn’t leave a coating on the floor.

A person spraying a wood floor with Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner before mopping.
Photo: Katie Barton for Bob Vila

Easy Application and Serious Cleaning Power

During my testing, Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner stood out among other popular, highly rated floor cleaners. The spray bottle made it easy for me to apply, and though this mopping solution is gentle, it provided serious cleaning power.

I first used this product to remove regular buildup from my hardwood floors. After vacuuming, I sprayed the cleaner on small sections of my floors and used a microfiber mop. After mopping, I allowed the floors to dry, and they were noticeably cleaner and streak-free. I also appreciated this product’s scent, which was very light and had no chemical smell.

For my next tests, I smeared pasta sauce, soda, and mud onto the floors and let them dry. Then, I used each floor cleaner on the stains, evaluating which ones could remove the messes and how much I had to scrub during the cleaning process. Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner eliminated all these stubborn messes with minimal scrubbing.

I tested this product for several more weeks, mopping all the hard floor surfaces in my home, which include luxury vinyl plank, tile, linoleum, and hardwood.

A spray bottle of the Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner next to a mop during testing to clean a wood floor.
Photo: Katie Barton for Bob Vila

Useful Spray Bottle Design

The best floor cleaners come in a myriad of application options, including concentrates suitable for mixing in a mop and bucket, prediluted jugs, spray bottles, and squirt bottles. Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner is available as a spray bottle to mist hard floor surfaces. As mentioned above, this bottle is also compatible with the Rejuvenate Click n Clean mop when paired with the bottle adapter. Since it’s premixed, you can pour the solution directly into a spray mop.

The spray bottle delivers even coverage on all hard floor types but is ideal for moisture-sensitive flooring like hardwoods and laminate. Additionally, the spray comes out in a wide mist, lightly coating a large portion of the floor in one spritz. During my testing, I never had to worry about oversaturating my floors as I might with a squirt bottle cleaner or a mop and bucket. The only downside was that it was cumbersome at times to carry the full spray bottle while mopping.

Should you buy the Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner?

Aside from cleaning power, there are two important considerations for choosing a hard floor cleaner: compatibility and application. Fortunately, Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner is compatible with most hard floor types, including sealed hardwood, laminate, tile, and linoleum. The spray bottle makes it easy to mist the floors and mop. However, if you prefer a traditional mop and bucket or a squirt bottle applicator, this might not be the right cleaner for you.

Even though I determined Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner to be the best overall floor cleaner, it wasn’t the only good option. Shoppers looking for a natural cleaner with a fresh scent may be interested in Better Life Naturally Dirt-Destroying floor cleaner. This mopping solution features a squirt bottle applicator and performed well in my regular and tough cleaning tests. It’s made from plant-derived ingredients and has a citrus mint scent, which was one of my favorites.

Another option that stood out was Quick Shine Multisurface floor cleaner. This product is safe for vinyl plank, hardwood, laminate, tile, and stone, making it a good choice if you have multiple hard floor types in your home. It’s powered by baking soda, and the Clean Breeze Essence scent is reminiscent of baby powder. This cleaner is recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice program and comes prediluted in a pour bottle. During my testing, I poured the cleaner directly on the floor and spread it out with a mop, but it’s also suitable for spray mops.

Where to Buy Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner

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