The 5 Apps You Won’t Want to Renovate Without

By Sarita Harbour | Updated Jan 10, 2023 4:22 PM

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Renovation App


If your file folders are bursting at the seams with to-do lists, contractor quotes, spec sheets and inspirational clippings from interior design magazines, it may be time to think about organizing your project with a renovation app on your mobile phone or tablet.

Remodeling work can be overwhelming at times, whether you’re tackling the entire house or one room only. Save time and money—and minimize your stress level—with a suite of well-chosen apps. Here are five of our favorites for compiling and managing all the information you need to make the most of your effort.

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Evernote - Renovation App


Though not marketed expressly for remodelers, Evernote excels as a tool for collecting and collating notes, images, web addresses, video clips—you name it, you can save it. Just as important, you can easily find your stored data when you need it again in the future. While the free version is plenty powerful, consider opting for the paid version if you want to upload large files, work offline, or invite others to edit your plans.

For both iOS and Android (free/$5 a month for Premium)


Renovation App - Handyman Calculator

Google Play

A five-star renovation app available for Android devices, the Handyman Calculator offers a wide variety of customizable calculators to help you determine the quantity of materials required for whatever job you’re planning. In addition, you can use the app to create shopping lists and based on your input, measurements are converted from metric to imperial.

For Android (free/$4.99 for Pro)


Renovation App - Color Capture


Struggling to find a paint color resembling that of your favorite flower? Snap an image with your smartphone and run it through Color Capture, Benjamin Moore’s free paint-matching app. Available for both iPhone and Android, this tool gives users the power to identify which of Benjamin Moore’s 3,300 paints most closely corresponds to any one color in your supplied image.

For both iOS and Android (free)


D-Photo Measures


Looking for a fast and easy way to save and share things like room dimensions, door and window sizes, or cabinet lengths? Forget your notepad and pencil! Instead, use an app like D-Photo Measures for Android, which lets you mark up photos on your phone with measurements and notes. (It also calculates angles based on measurements). For iOS devices, an analogous app is Photo Measures.

For Android (free/$2.99 for Pro)



The Mark on Call iPhone and iPad app enables you to map out the floor plans of rooms based on their real-life dimensions. Further, you can enrich those layouts you create with such fine details as furniture, window and door placement, and flooring types. Doing so gives you the “big picture”—indeed, it’s a great way to compile all the information you’ve gathered in other apps into a single vision.

For iOS ($4.99)

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