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Smart Yard: Cutting-Edge Tech for Your Home Landscape

Want to make your home landscape more enjoyable and less time-consuming? Infuse your yard with convenient and efficient technology.
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A young woman accessing a control panel on the top of a robot lawn mower in the yard of her upscale smart home.


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Since the beginning, humans have developed and leveraged technology to meet our needs and improve our lives. The tech connection between early stone tools and artificial intelligence is rooted in necessity and creativity, as well as convenience. New inventions have variously made tasks easier or safer, freed up our time to do other things, improved energy efficiency, reduced pollution, eliminated forgotten tasks, and so much more. So when it comes to your home landscape, it makes sense to incorporate the latest garden trends in technological innovations. For a beautiful yard with an easier maintenance routine, consider adding some of these top tech solutions.

1. Robotic Lawn Mower

The Husqvarna Automower 450XH EOPS, a robot lawn mower, on a white background.

One of the hottest lawn care trends over the past decade has been the shift toward battery-powered lawn mowers, but tech savvy homeowners have a more advanced option. Robotic lawn mowers are extremely energy efficient, and operate autonomously. Many of the newest models, like the Husqvarna Automower 450XH EPOS, don’t even need a guide wire to stay in bounds. Just set up the charging station and program the mowing schedule; and the robotic lawn mower keeps the grass at the perfect height all season long.

2. Smart Irrigation System

An open Rain Bird Smart Irrigation Controller unit installed on cream house siding.

In the past, it was necessary to keep a close watch on the lawn sprinkler system, especially during times of excessive rain or drought. Upgrading to a smart irrigation system controller, like the Rain Bird ST8I Smart Irrigation Controller, eliminates the hassle of manual monitoring. Smart controllers automatically adapt watering schedules to the changing needs of the season, ensuring that plants get the right amount of water no matter what. They feature Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi technology for remote monitoring and control via voice device or mobile app, and they keep you up to date on critical issues like current water usage,

3. Outdoor Smart Lighting

A 3D-modeled example of an In-Lite outdoor smart lights set up in a paved backyard.

Landscape lighting is a fantastic way to elevate a home’s appearance, extend the living space, highlight architectural or landscape features, and enhance safety and security. But no one wants the hassle of flipping switches every night or manually adjusting timers several times a year. In-Lite smart outdoor lighting is an excellent example of outdoor smart lighting that offers all the benefits of automated outdoor lighting with the convenience of voice or mobile app control. The best part is that installation can be an easy DIY project.

4. Automated Weed Control

A Tertill Garden Weeding Robot working in a home garden bed next to a father and daughter watering plants.

Vegetable and herb gardens are some of the most popular entry points where new plant enthusiasts hone their skills to become seasoned gardeners. But before they reap a bountiful harvest, neophytes and experienced gardeners alike share the chore of weeding. That’s where the Tertill weeding robot comes in. The device patrols up to 200 square feet of garden area, including the rows and the spaces between plants, eliminating weeds as soon as they sprout. Tertill’s weed sensor differentiates garden plants from weeds based on their size. When it senses a weed, the onboard mini string trimmer cuts it down while still in the seed leaf stage.

5. Networked Weather Monitoring System

The Davis Instruments Vantage Vue Wireless Sensor home weather monitoring system on a white background.

Whether you live in an area with occasionally volatile weather, or if you’re simply fascinated by meteorology, a home weather station provides the precise local information you need. For convenience and connectivity, choose a fully networked platform, like the Davis Instruments Vantage Vue weather station. It lets you monitor and share temperature, humidity, dew point, wind speed and direction, wind chill and heat index, barometric pressure, and precipitation from anywhere in the world. It also supports historical graphing, forecasting, and tracks the moon phase.

6. Smart Garden Sensor

A product photo collage of three Sinbeda garden moisture meters, an accompanying smartphone app, and a small houseplant.

In the ground or in a container garden, every plant needs the right amount of sunlight, water, and nutrients to grow and thrive. These 4-in-1 smart garden sensors monitor soil moisture, sunlight, temperature, and fertilizer levels with sensors that send real-time data to your phone, making it easier to care for your plants precisely and efficiently. Wi-Fi plant monitoring systems also provide helpful info to optimize your sprinkler system schedule, fertilizer applications, and planting times.

7. Outdoor Entertainment System

A modern backyard patio area with a large TV and two speakers mounted on an exterior home wall.

The idea of outdoor rooms and outdoor living spaces has been around for a long time. Once upon a time we were limited to seating areas, yard games, and maybe a rustic outdoor kitchen. Nowadays, weatherproof electronics with wireless connectivity make it possible to create a fully functioning outdoor entertainment system. Why not enjoy movie night by the fire pit, or catch the big game on the deck? Just add a large HD flatscreen for easy visibility, and extreme weather proof speakers for crystal clear sound.

8. Outdoor Smart Lock

A Wyze Lock Bolt door lock and keypad on a white background.

One great way to boost home security without inconveniencing the whole family is with a smart lock for an outdoor gate, garden shed, or detached garage. The Wyze Auto-Lock Bolt system offers loads of flexibility with fingerprint, keypad code, or remote activation via mobile app. It stores fingerprints or key codes for dozens of individuals, allows for scheduled access, and maintains a lock usage history within the app. And it’s durable: IPX-5 waterproof and UL 20-min fire rated.

9. Smart Outdoor Camera

An edited product photo of birds flocking to the solar-powered Soliom BF09 Bird Feeder.

If you find yourself spending more time in the yard, chances are you are also seeing more backyard wildlife activity. Not sure what’s been eating the flowers? Need a better view to identify that strange bird? For a closer look, consider installing a trail cam or bird feeder camera to capture those unseen moments. The Soliom BF09 bird feeder camera records incoming birds, sends notifications with a high-resolution snapshot via phone app, and features AI-enabled bird identification for 11,000 species.

10. Automated Pest Control

A small Thermacell Mosquito Repellent unit sitting on a tree stump outdoors.

Biting insects are an ongoing challenge that robotics and artificial intelligence have yet to conquer. In the meantime, other types of technology fill the void. Instead of blasting the entire yard with chemical treatments on a biweekly basis, consider employing a more targeted approach like the Thermacell system. Powered by rechargeable batteries, Thermacell uses heat to vaporize mosquito repellent, creating a targeted zone of protection around a patio or deck. It’s more affordable, causes less damage to non-target insects, and is more effective in the target location than yard treatments.