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5 Things in Your Front Yard That Need a Post-Winter Refresh

Just like the inside of your house, your yard needs a good cleaning each spring. Knock these tasks off and enjoy your very own outdoor sanctuary this season.
Neat heap of piled up cut tree branches, sticks and twigs waiting on a suburban residential district front yard grass lawn to be gathered up and carried to the back yard fire pit. Late springtime in early May near the city of Rochester in western New York State.

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As winter turns into spring, you might find the inside of your home needs a bit of a refresh, but have you taken a look outside? Chances are, your yard also needs to shake those winter blues with some TLC.

Prep your yard to enjoy throughout the coming season—and boost your home’s curb appeal as well—by focusing on these key points to help you achieve a nice post-winter refresh. Now that the snow’s gone, here are five things in your yard that could use some attention.

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The Driveway and Walking Paths

You might find leftover ice melt, loose gravel, and debris from the winter season spread across hard surfaces like your driveway and walking paths. Rake or sweep these things away or back to where they belong, as in the case of gravel. Then add new sand or gravel to fill in any gaps. Finish off by getting rid of algae and leaf stains with a pressure washer.

Wood Fencing

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way for a wood fence. However, if you’re dealing with damage or rot, you’ll need to remove fence boards and clean up the main structure first. Replace wobbly posts and check pickets and rails for any rotted areas that should be patched and new wood installed. Then, scrape off old paint, sand, and prep for a new coat of finish or paint.

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Benches and Planters

You can easily and quickly raise the curb appeal of your home with some inviting benches and planters. Some well-maintained planters set the stage nicely for spring bulbs, and a new stain or fresh coat of paint on some comfy seating adds a hospitable feel to the property. With these simple additions, you and your guests can maximize your springtime enjoyment outside, conveniently from the comfort of the yard.

The Lawn

The purpose of aeration is to reduce soil compaction. It involves creating small holes in your lawn that feed the grass roots with air, water, and nutrients to help with growth and attaining an overall healthier lawn. The perfect time to aerate your lawn is the short period right after the early rainy season in spring but before the hot sun of summer comes out.

If your soil is sandy or your lawn sees little traffic, it may only be necessary to do this about once every 2 or 3 years, so it may prove more economical to rent a lawn aerator, rather than buying one outright.

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Flower Beds

A selection of bright, colorful flowers will bring the cheer you need to wash those winter blahs away. To make room for new buds, you’ll need to get rid of debris, dead branches, and churn the top layer of soil as well as trim perennials. Remember, pruning will help new growth, but over-pruning can run the risk of stunting the amount and size of certain flowers, like hydrangea and roses.

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