This Internet-Famous Home Inspector Reveals the Biggest Renovation Mistakes

Bryan Standley’s scathing commentary on poorly executed home improvements has garnered a following on TikTok.
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TikTok is known for spawning viral challenges and dance trends, but it turns out it can also be a great place to learn about what not to do when remodeling a home. Bryan Standley of Inspect KC has been working as a home inspector since 2016, but he recently gained notoriety on TikTok for his ruthless critiques of recently flipped houses after joining the platform in January 2020. He currently has over 32,000 followers and more than 615,000 likes on his videos. Not only is he popular, but he’s even started getting new inspection contracts through TikTok.

Although he evaluates all kinds of homes, Standley has particular disdain for those renovated by house flippers. Part of his charm is the deadpan manner in which he calls out the all-too-common ways that people try to save money when remodeling. Here are some of the biggest mistakes that Standley has identified in newly renovated homes.

Cookie-Cutter Kitchens

One of the things Standley criticizes most frequently is house flippers’ lack of originality in their choice of finishes in their kitchen renos. In one notable video, he provides a quick tour of a flipped kitchen, pointing out the faux weathered wood vinyl flooring, the white subway tile, and the neutral quartz or granite countertops.

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Uneven Insulation

In one video, Standley visits a newly built house and immediately notices a temperature drop when he walks into the master bedroom. Though the thermostat is set to 73 degrees, he estimates it’s actually much colder—around 67 degrees. After doing some investigating, including a trip to the attic, he confirms that the space above the master bedroom hasn’t been properly insulated. If the problem isn’t fixed, that room will continue to be colder than the rest of the house.

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Improperly Installed Appliances

Standley often notices that when house flippers try to save money by installing appliances themselves, things don’t always go according to plan. Dishwashers, in particular, require some basic plumbing knowledge to install and can easily be hooked up incorrectly, leading to leaks and other issues. Standley recommends that potential buyers ask for receipts for any work performed in the home. Reputable tradespeople will always provide a receipt, and the paperwork will prove that the homeowners didn’t do the job themselves.

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Hiding the Evidence

Standley is understandably hard on house flippers because he’s seen the creative ways they cut corners in an effort to make a quick buck. In one video, for instance, he notes that while the roof shingles at the front of a house look fine, those in the back are in a pretty sorry state. He also finds evidence that the flippers spray-painted outlet covers rather than laying out the 30 cents apiece that new ones would have cost.

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Poor Cabinet Installation

While Standley has plenty to say about those builder-basic kitchens, he also has thoughts on the shoddy way their cabinetry is often installed. In several of his videos, he highlights uneven kitchen cabinets, drawers that don’t open or close properly, and corner units that can’t be opened at all because an appliance is in the way.

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