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5 Ways You Can Use Magnets to Clean Your Home

Magnets can make cleaning faster, easier, and more efficient. Learn how you can integrate magnets into your house-cleaning routine.
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When most people think about using magnets around the house, they probably picture a fridge full of children’s artwork and notes, magnetic strips holding up tools or knives, or the magnetic closures on bags or purses. While these all represent many ways that magnets can help us, they are far from the only ways we can use them.

If you’re looking for a crazy cleaning tip that actually works, look no further than magnets. They can help you clean more than you may think. If you’re intrigued and want to learn more about how you can keep your home clean using the “magic” of magnets, read on.

1. Clean Windows and Glass Shower Doors

Tyroler-Bright-Tools-Universal-Magnetic-Window Cleaner is shown on the corner of a window.

Cut your cleaning time in half the next time you need to tackle windows or glass shower doors. John Condon, President of US Magnetix, explains how you can clean both sides of glass windows or doors at the same time by making a magnetic sponge.

“You take two sponges and cut a slit into the side of each one,” he says. After cutting the slit, slide a magnet into each sponge. Condon says that you can then “spray the glass with cleaner and use one sponge on either side so you can clean both sides of the window at the same time.”

If you don’t want to take the time to go the DIY route, there are magnetic products — such as Tyroler Bright Tools Universal Magnetic Cleaner — designed specifically for such tasks. You’ll just need to measure the thickness of the glass to ensure you purchase the correct size for your windows or shower doors.

2. Clean Inside Vases and Bottles

A hand uses the Cuisipro-Magnetic-Spot-Scrubber to clean the inside of a glass vase.

Condon explains that magnets can also allow “you to get into a hard to reach space, such as the inside of a vase.” Magnetic scrubbers, such as this one from Cuisipro at Amazon, feature two magnetic pieces. Drop the smaller scrub brush in the vase or bottle, then move the larger one around the outside of the vessel.

As you clean the outside of the vase using the larger brush, the smaller one will follow your motions and clean the inside simultaneously. No more figuring out how to cram your hand or a brush into a tight opening. You could follow the steps above to make two DIY magnetic sponges, and follow these same steps for a more budget-friendly alternative.

3. Clean Aquariums

A hand uses the Aqueon-Aquarium-Algae-Cleaning-Magnets to clean an aquarium.

If you have fish, frogs, reptiles, or other pets that live in an aquarium, simplify the task of cleaning the tank with some magnetics. You can find special magnetic aquarium algae cleaning magnets — like this one from Aqueon at Amazon — that will clean the inside of the tank for you as you guide the other magnetic piece around the outside. Not only will your cleaning time be reduced, but you also won’t get your hands as dirty or wet when trying to scrub the algae.

4. Clean Shelves in a Display Case

If you have to clean glass shelves in a display case or china cabinet, use magnets to help you clean the top and bottom of the shelf at the same time. For this task, you can use DIY magnetic sponges, such as those described above, paired with some glass cleaner to wipe down both sides of the glass simultaneously.

Alternatively, you could try placing two microfiber cloths on the inside of a magnetic aquarium cleaner and using it to remove dust and grime from the shelves.

5. Prevent Mineral Buildup in Toilets

A hand drops a Bandwagon-Inc-Toilet-Cleaning-Magnet into a toilet tank.

Buildup of lime and other minerals found in your home’s water can stain the inside of your toilet bowl, making it look dirty. Believe it or not, magnets can also help you keep your toilet bowl looking cleaner by preventing hard water stains.

If you place a few magnets in a clear plastic case and put the case in your toilet tank, they’ll stop the minerals from staining the bowl. Try this Bandwagon Set of 4 Toilet Cleaning Magnets at Amazon and see if they can help reduce mineral buildup in your toilet.