Video: 3 Fixes for a Clogged Shower Drain

Most homeowners will encounter a clogged drain sooner or later. Be prepared for when it happens to you.


So you’re taking a shower when you feel the water start to pool around your ankles. When that happens, you know the shower drain is clogged, probably with a sludge of hair and soap scum. While a clogged drain is not a great way to start your day, rest assured you can fix the problem yourself—without calling a pro.

Don’t believe us? Take note of these cheap and easy DIY methods to clear a drain. Before you choose from the methods illustrated in the video, learn about your pipes. Are they PVC or metal? How old are they? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you choose the right method for your home, and clear the gunk without damaging your pipes. As always, an informed DIYer is a successful DIYer!

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