Reasons Why

Gardening Is Good for You

According to Science

Research shows that gardening may be beneficial for memory improvement.

1. Cognitive Stimulation

Numerous studies have linked stress reduction to gardening and other activities spent in nature.

2. Stress Reduction

When we are exposed to sunlight, our skin produces vitamin D, a key nutrient for maintaining a healthy immune system.

5. Immune System Support

The active movements involved in gardening—like bending, lifting, digging, and pulling—promote strength, balance, and flexibility.

6. Physical activity

From community gardens to gardening clubs to garden-based events, gardening can offer many opportunities for community engagement and social connection.

9. Social Interaction

Therapeutic gardening, also known as horticulture therapy, is treatment that uses plants and garden-related activities to help patients recover from illness and improve their physical and mental health.

10. Illness Recovery

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