Annual Flowers

That Add a

pop of personality

to Any Home Landscape

1. Tuberous Begonia

They prefer rich, well-draining soil, cannot tolerate wet feet, and need protection from the cold and wind.

Best for: brightening up shady areas in garden beds or containers

2. Zinnia

These sun-loving annuals reward minimal effort with plentiful blooms in a rainbow of colors.

Best for: colorful full-sun gardens

4. Cosmos

Best for: full-sun gardens and creating a stunning meadow effect

5. Snapdragon

Because they can handle light frost, snapdragons are one of the first flowers you can plant in spring.

Best for: containers or beds that get morning sun and afternoon shade in hot climates

6. Phlox

Best for: planting alongside spring bulbs, such as tulips and daffodils

7. Petunia

Best for: containers, hanging baskets, and borders in sunny sites near patios and entryways

8. Sweet Pea

Despite its beauty and pleasing perfume, sweet pea is toxic to people and pets.

Best for: full-sun locations in need of spreading or rising color

9. Calibrachoa

Best for: hanging baskets and containers, or ground cover in rock gardens and small beds

10. Scaevola

Scaevola attracts butterflies and other pollinators, but it is one of the annual flowers deer won’t eat.

Best for: containers, hanging baskets, and rock gardens

11. Geraniums

Geranium flower colors include white, pink, red, and coral.

Best for: beds, hanging baskets, and containers that get full sun

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