How to Use

Coffee Grounds

in the Garden

Coffee grounds improve  soil structure.

As coffee grounds degrade, they help produce substances that help form humus, or healthy and loose organic soil.

They add nutrients.

Composted coffee grounds will eventually add small amounts of nitrogen and micronutrients to the soil.

They may suppress harmful fungi and bacteria.

The “good” fungi and bacteria found in composted coffee grounds may help fight off some of the “bad” ones, such as those that cause root rot.

Coffee grounds kill slugs.

Oregon State University research shows that using a 1 to 2 percent solution of coffee grounds mixed with water as a soil drench can eliminate slugs in the garden.

Direct Application

If you prefer to just spread the coffee over the soil around your plants, use a layer no more than ½ inch thick. Then cover them with 4 inches of another mulch such as wood chips.

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