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10 Common Kitchen Appliance

1. Underutilizing the Microwave

By using new and advanced features on microwaves, you can cook a variety of dishes quickly and easily!

3. Overloading the Dishwasher

When the appliance is overloaded, dishes may not get properly cleaned or rinsed, resulting in leftover food particles and detergent buildup.

5. Using Unfiltered Tap Water in the Coffee Maker

Tap water often contains minerals that can leave a residue on the coffee maker’s heating element and reduce its lifespan.

6. Keeping the Oven Closed When Broiling

Leaving the oven door closed can cause heat and steam to build up inside, preventing the food from developing the desired crust.

7. Not Filling the Blender Strategically

To ensure smooth blending, start with the liquid or yogurt base, then add ingredients in order of size, from smallest to largest, with tougher items like ice on top.

9. Not Cleaning the Refrigerator Coils

Over time, the coils can become clogged with dust, pet hair, and other debris, which can cause them to work less efficiently.

10. Opening the  Slow Cooker

Opening the lid of a slow cooker releases precious heat and steam, which can add cooking time.

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