The Great Debate: 

Does Salt  Kill Weeds?

You’ll have the best luck killing smaller weeds with salt; it’s less effective with larger invaders, such as brambles or ivy.

Salt can be used as a nontoxic herbicide for killing weeds.

As a weed killer, salt works quickly and suppresses regrowth while being an inexpensive, safer herbicide option.

Tackling a large section of weeds requires a lot of salt, and too much salt can cause soil to become infertile.

Rock salt and table salt work best for killing weeds.

Table salt and rock salt are both sodium chloride, with different purification qualities but essentially the same sodium content.

You can increase the amount of salt incrementally each day until you start seeing the effects of salt on the target plant.

It’s not as easy as spraying herbicide, but it’s healthier for you and your backyard ecosystem.

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