Perfect for Big or Small Yards

Jelly King Crab Apple

Growing to a maximum of 13 feet, Jelly King crab apple trees produce orange-pink fruits that are perfect for making jelly. In springtime, the tree displays large white blossoms.

Japanese maples are popular because of their brightly colored leaves. For a small space, look for a dwarf variety that will grow to only about 10 feet tall with a spread of 8 to 10 feet.

Dwarf Chestnut Oak

Dwarf chestnut oaks grow to a maximum height of about 20 feet. They do best in dry, rocky soil, and produce small acorns that taste sweet, so wildlife can use them as a tasty treat.


Redbud trees grow up to 10 feet high and feature beautiful heart-shaped leaves and flowers that come in an array of shades, depending on the variety. In springtime, the pink, white, or purple flowers will add a pop of color to your yard.

Made by cross-breeding lily magnolia and lily tree in the 1820s, saucer magnolia grows as either a shrub or small tree in both Europe and North America. In spring, the magnolia produces large, showy blooms with a pink and white hue.

Carolina Silverbell

This tree is notable for its delicate blossoms, which attract bees, making it a great choice if you’re also growing fruit trees on your property. Maintain it as a shrub or prune it down to one central trunk to encourage it to grow as a tree.

Chaste Tree

Chaste trees bloom with lavender flowers in the fall and grow to about 10 feet in height. Their fruit and leaves are both used in alternative medicine remedies.

Japanese Snowbell

With their pretty white flowers and pleasant aroma, Japanese Snowbell trees are a great, low-maintenance choice for small lots. They look best in spring but maintain their leaves into the fall.

With showstopping yellow flowers that grow up to 20 inches long, Golden Chain Trees are visually enchanting and produce a remarkable scent. They're best grown by experienced gardeners, as they can be somewhat fussy, requiring regular maintenance.


Those looking for a tree that provides color in the winter should consider this option. Wintersweet can be grown as a shrub or pruned to grow as a tree and has a maximum height of approximately 15 feet.