Fresh Ways to

Redecorate Responsibly

Usually, previously loved items are cheaper, and giving them a new life keeps goods out of landfills.

2. Scope out garage sales and thrift stores.

With some ingenuity or inspiration from online tutorials, you can likely create items you’re thinking of purchasing out of materials you already own or can pick up at a lower price point.

3. Craft new decor.

You may already have what you need tucked away in the basement, a storage locker, or even another room.

5. Furnish with things you already own

You can replace what is in the frames with affordable digital pieces you can print at home.

7. Replace old art

Freebie websites or Facebook groups are excellent places to source new decor pieces for no money.

8. Keep an eye on  freebie websites

Changing the color of your throw pillows or curtains can transform a space with minimal effort.

9. Make small but impactful decor changes

The simplest way to redecorate is to move your furniture into a different configuration.

11. Rearrange your furniture

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