Pantry Foods

That Basically Never Expire

Because the canning process locks out oxygen, most canned food will stay fresh long past the expiration date printed on the can.

1. Canned Food

Even when honey changes color or crystallizes, it’s still good—as long as the container is sealed.

3. Honey

Sugar can harden over time, but it’s still safe to eat if you don’t mind the texture.

4. Sugar

Distilled liquors like tequila, vodka, gin, whiskey, and rum last indefinitely, even after they’ve been opened.

6. Alcohol

Pure vanilla extract is mostly alcohol, so a bottle of the stuff will stay fresh for years as long as it’s been properly sealed after use.

7. Vanilla Extract

Inside an airtight food storage container, all varieties of uncooked white rice will last forever—just keep it safe from pantry pests.

9. White Rice

Another dried grain with a long shelf life, oats will last for years when stored in an airtight container (adding an oxygen absorber to the container will help keep it fresh even longer).

10. Oats

Although pasta manufacturers stamp an expiration date on the package, the truth is, an unopened package of dried pasta can last for years beyond that date.

11. Dried Pasta

As long as you keep it dry and well sealed after you’ve opened it, this low-moisture thickener should last for years.

13. Cornstarch

As long as it’s sealed, an unopened package of powdered milk can last indefinitely. Adding an oxygen absorber to the storage container will keep it fresher longer.

14. Powdered Milk

It may lose some sweetness over time (and light corn syrup may turn yellow), but it will still be safe to eat.

15. Corn Syrup

It does lose flavor over time and may become less enjoyable to drink, but when stored properly and kept dry, it will never be unsafe to drink.

17. Tea

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