Here's Why You Should

Keep a Handful of Rice

in Your Toolbox

Place a handful of uncooked rice in your toolbox, where it will act as a desiccant, absorbing moisture and preventing your tools from rusting.

Prevent Rust on Your Tools

It’s a common practice of bakers to partially bake crusts using pie weights. Uncooked rice can be used instead.

Prebake a Pie Crust

Pour a small amount of uncooked rice into the vase along with soap and water and give it a vigorous swish.

Scrub Out a Vase

The rice will absorb moisture from the air, and it’s that pesky moisture that hastens the tarnishing process.

Save Silver from Tarnish

Fill a pouch with rice and store it in the freezer. While traditional ice packs  freeze into rigid shapes, rice packs remain soft.

Relieve Pain with (R)ice Packs

Rice water can serve as a natural fertilizer as it’s rich in nutrients like nitrogen and potassium.

Help Garden Plants

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