How to Grow a Beard for

No Shave November

Bob Vila's  Best Tips

"I first grew my beard in the late 1960s and, like many others of my generation, there was an aspect of political protest involved. Now, it’s part of who I am, and my media career has only reinforced that."

"Keeping my beard close-trimmed is important to me for both the look and personal comfort. Ultimately, I want to be noticed for being well-groomed and well-dressed, not the opposite."

"Every few days, I trim the mustache to keep whiskers from growing over the upper lip. As needed, I use a power trimmer to maintain the overall length. When I was young, I didn’t trim quite so often and I remember my late father-in-law telling me I’d never get ahead with all those whiskers. Proved him wrong, and neatness is a big part of that."

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