Perennials to Plant in the Fall for

Beautiful Spring Flowers


Also known as Lenten rose, this is one of the first flowers to appear each year, often poking through the snow with big, bowl-shaped, pink, yellow, or maroon blooms.

Power Up with  Pasque Flower

Pasque is an old French word for Easter, and this perennial is bound to bloom in time for the holiday—and fortunately, it is also rabbit resistant.

It’s a favorite for filling in rock gardens and can be especially pretty draping over a wall.

They thrive in moist soil and half sun/half shade conditions, eventually establishing a colony of pollinator-friendly ground cover with virtually zero care.

Welcome Columbine

Prized for its graceful, nodding blooms, columbine (Aquilegia) is a woodland perennial, meaning it likes a shady or partly shaded location and consistently moist soil.

If blue isn’t your bag, check out hybrids in other colors, including yellow and pink!

This practically trouble-free plant that blooms in spring through summer is especially popular as a border in partly shady areas.

Let the Sundrops In

The flower opens with bright yellow petals around sunset and stays that way through the next day.

Lamium boasts variegated foliage in silver, gold, and green plus dainty pink and purple flowers that appear in late spring and summer.

This flower family offers clusters of spunky spring-through-summer blooms in a range of hues, including pink, white, yellow, and red against blue-green leaves.

Weave in Spiderwort

A low-maintenance lovely, it thrives in full sun to partial shade and various types of soil, including sand and clay, but it’s fairly thirsty so keep it moist, not wet.