The One Drawback of  PEX Pipe  Even Plumbers Didn't See Coming

Mice and rats will chew through anything they can, including plastic, so PEX tubing is at just as much risk as the plastic-coated wiring in a car or an HVAC unit.

The Problem

While pest experts don’t know whether rodents chew through PEX to get to the water inside or simply because it’s there, PEX and rodents can be a dangerous combination.

For homeowners who have PEX water-supply lines, signs of rodents, such as droppings, chewed paper or wood, or other shredded items, signal a need to take action before damage to the water supply system can occur.

The Unavoidable Solution

Mice and rats can squeeze through unbelievably small gaps to enter a home, so the first step is to inspect the home’s outside perimeter and seal all holes and gaps around vent pipes with a rodent-proof sealant