Surprising Places To


gardening supplies

and save money

1. Local Gardening Groups

You might find that experienced gardeners are interested in helping novice gardeners get started!

2. Local City or  County Government

Some local governments offer programs to help provide seeds, mulch, or other supplies to their residents.

4. Local Buy Nothing Group

Members in the group will post things that they no longer need and are looking to give away to someone in the community who can use it. Keep your eyes peeled for any gardening supplies or plants.

6. Local libraries

Seeking to help their residents facing food insecurity, libraries in various communities have started offering free seeds so people can grow their own food.

8. Alt National Park Service

They are offering free black-eyed Susan or butterfly milkweed seeds packets to anyone who is willing to plant them and attract these beneficial pollinators!

9. Your Friends  and Neighbors

They may have old gardening tools they no longer use that they’d be willing to give to you!

11. Save Our Monarchs Pollinator Garden Program

The Save Our Monarch Foundation is dedicated to protecting monarch butterflies and keeping them from becoming extinct.

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