What Are the Tiny Black Bugs in My House Near the Window?


Ants can easily make their way inside through the tiniest of cracks and crevices, like those found in windows, walls, or home foundations.

Possible culprit: Drain flies typically live around areas where water accumulates.

Drain flies are often light gray or tan with light-colored wings, but may look like tiny black bugs.

As full-grown adults, gnats are tiny, long-legged, winged insects often seen flying in masses, which are referred to as ghosts.

Possible culprit: Carpet beetles are annoying, but they’re not dangerous.

When crushed, carpet beetles, also called clover mites, will leave a red stain behind, which can cause an issue when found indoors.

Use caulk to seal holes, such as those near the window, and repair rips in window screens.

If tiny black bugs get out of control, contact a pest control pro ASAP.

They can help detect bug entry points and seal up areas of the home that may be inviting unwelcome critters.