Trees and  Property Lines


Things  All Neighbors  Should Know

A tree near a property line belongs to the neighbor who owns the ground where it's growing.

When a tree's trunk lies directly on the boundary line between properties, it is assumed as owned by both neighbors.

When branches from a neighbor's tree extend over the boundary line, the property owner has a right to trim the branches—but only to the boundary line .

When wandering tree roots damage a neighbor's property, financial liability for the damage falls on the tree's owner.

If a branch that extends over a property line bears fruit, the fruit belongs to the tree's owner—no picking without permission.

Fallen leaves can blanket a yard in autumn, but a tree's owner is not responsible for clearing fallen leaves from a neighbor's yard.

If a storm sends a limb from your tree through a neighbor's roof, you might be liable for repairs if the tree was in bad shape before the storm and you failed to fix it.

In many communities, you're just out of luck if the neighbor's tall trees keep you from enjoying the view from your home.