Bob Vila Radio: Prevent Electrical Shocks in Your Workshop

When setting up your workshop, don't overlook the crucial importance of electrical safety. By observing only a few initial precautions, you can go a long way toward steering clear of issues and incidents down the line.

If you’re setting up a home workshop for your do-it-yourself projects, recognize that in a room with so many power tools, it’s only prudent to take steps toward preventing electrical shocks.

Workshop Electrical Safety Detail


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For the best protection, choose electrical outlets equipped with ground fault circuit interrupters, commonly known as GFCIs. If there’s a power leakage, GFCIs instantly cut off the current, keeping you from experiencing an unpleasant or potentially dangerous jolt.

Of course, DIYers must always uphold electricity safety best practices, with or without GFCIs in place. Be sensible in your decision-making. For instance, remember that it’s a much better idea to replace a damaged cord than to prolong its life by wrapping frayed areas in electrical tape. Meanwhile, only use cords that are rated to supply more than enough current for the tools you plan to use. Finally, don’t forget your workbench; if it’s metal, then it’s only prudent to make sure that it’s grounded. Here, hire an electrician to do the work of running a wire from the bench to an electrical subpanel.

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