Beth Cranston


Name: Beth Cranston

Title: Editor, Product Reviews,

Beth Cranston is an associate editor with the Commerce team at She has been a writer and editor for over a decade and has focused on home improvement since 2017. 

Expertise and Experience

Prior to joining, Beth covered everything from kitchen design ideas to electrical plans, crafting dozens of blogs for home remodeling companies in Philadelphia and Chicago. She worked closely with interior designers, architects, and project managers to ensure accuracy while also translating more technical talk into quick, engaging reads for homeowners. With a focus on inspiration and education, her articles aimed to make the home improvement process easier and more enjoyable.

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For a Clean-Cut Lawn With Electric Convenience, Take a Look at This Ryobi Lawn Mower

Competition in the cordless products category gets tougher each year as consumers become more accustomed to untethering everything from earbuds to vacuums to chainsaws. Each year, lawn mo...

JULY 11, 2023 | TUESDAY
Score the Soda Stream Terra for $50 off on Amazon Prime Day

Nothing's more refreshing than the effervescence of ice-cold sparkling water. But if you love bubbly hydration, you know the cost—both the price and the waste—really adds up. Here's an al...

JULY 11, 2023 | TUESDAY
Score $300 Off Our Favorite Robotic Pool Cleaner in Prime Day's Final Hours

Nothing takes the fun out of taking a dip in your pool like stepping in tree debris or slimy algae. Cleaning a pool can be a chore that limits your swimming time. That's why we can't get ...

JULY 3, 2023 | MONDAY
Practical Appliance or Passing Fad? Cuisinart Air-Fryer Toaster Oven Review

It seems as if there is an air fryer to suit every type of kitchen and every type of home cook these days. As air fryer sales have ballooned, so have their capacity and functions. They ca...

APRIL 14, 2023 | FRIDAY
This Air Fryer Deserves Space on Your Countertop

Drawn by the ability to cook indulgent snacks and meals with less oil, many home cooks are intrigued by the cooking possibilities with an air fryer. The only thing that can make any air f...

The Best Home Essentials Products Tested in 2022

Home is where the heart is—and where your stuff is! We spent nearly 300 hours testing the 129 products that make up each of our home essentials guides. After living with and using all tho...

The Best Cleaning Products Tested in 2022

Messes are part of life, but ineffective cleaning products don’t have to be. After 200+ hours of hands-on testing, we found 127 of the best sprays, polishes, mops, and vacs to keep counte...

The Best Power Tools and DIY Products Tested in 2022

Whether you need to upgrade some tools in your workshop or have some upcoming projects that require new gear, this list offers an all-around great place to start your search. We researche...

The 15 Best Artificial Christmas Trees Tested in 2023

With so many artificial Christmas trees on the market, choosing one can be an overwhelming task—so we put them to the test. Our testing team assembled and decorated today’s top artificial...

AUGUST 30, 2021 | MONDAY
Is the Purple Pillow Really as Comfortable as Everyone Says?

When it’s time to hit the hay, a perfect pillow can make all the difference. A pillow can help prevent head and neck pain and also help you drift off to sleep in just minutes. Ideally, a ...