Bob Beacham


Name: Bob Beacham

Title: Contributing Writer

Bob Beacham is an engineer by trade and has spent 35 years working on everything from auto parts to oil rigs. He is also an avid DIY enthusiast. Bob started writing for the Bob Vila team in 2020 and covers tools, outdoor equipment, and home improvement projects.

Expertise and Experience

Bob spent many years working as an engineer. This gave him the opportunity to travel around Europe and the U.S., working with component suppliers to Aston Martin, Audi, Rolls-Royce and Volkswagen. He also spent some time working on control systems for the aviation and petrochemical industries.

In his late 40s, Bob changed career paths. Since woodworking was one of his favorite hobbies, he decided to start his own woodshop. During this period, he remodeled an old rural farmhouse from the ground up with his wife—the first of two similar projects. As a result, he gained extensive experience with techniques and tools. The woodshop was hugely enjoyable, but not particularly lucrative. He supported his passion with consultancy work and began writing freelance articles about his experiences for several online publications. After 10 very enjoyable years, Bob closed the woodshop after relocating to his current home. The consultancy work and writing continues.

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