Brie Greenhalgh


Brie is a freelance writer, editor, and blogger who has enjoyed crafting corporate blogs and helping new and established authors publish well-edited books. She keeps busy hiking in the Rocky Mountains, decorating for holidays, and devouring thrilling books. Read more at LinkedIn or on her website.

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MAY 4, 2021 | TUESDAY
How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Tree?

Typical Range: $200 to $2,000 National Average: $750Trees are a wonderful part of nature, but roots or an overgrown tree can become problematic over time. Roots can break through sidew...

APRIL 26, 2021 | MONDAY
What Are Sod Prices?

Typical Range: $150 to $400 per pallet National Average: $300 per palletWhen it’s time to upgrade the appearance of a worn-out lawn, two options are available: seeding grass or laying ...

APRIL 23, 2021 | FRIDAY
How Much Does It Cost to Build a Deck?

Typical Range: $4,160 to $11,257 National Average: $7,696A great backyard can become even more appealing with a beautiful deck on which to enjoy barbecues, fire pits, and family gather...

APRIL 23, 2021 | FRIDAY
How Much Does Garage Door Replacement Cost?

Typical Range: $757 to $1,549 National Average: $1,123Garage doors are more than just an accessory to your home; they offer energy savings, improve curb appeal, and boost property valu...

APRIL 16, 2021 | FRIDAY
How To: Make a Carpenter Bee Trap

Bees are wonderful insects that help create healthy, abundant gardens. What’s not so wonderful is when carpenter bees decide to take up residence in your deck, house, or fence. Carpenter ...

Solved! What's Causing the Fish Smell in My House?

Q: Help! I haven’t cooked fish for several days, but my house smells like I invited the neighborhood over for a huge fish fry. What’s causing the fish smell in my house? Who can I call to...

APRIL 13, 2021 | TUESDAY
Schedule This Deck Waterproofing Project to Prep Your Outdoor Space for All Kinds of Weather

Enjoying the ambiance of a backyard deck on a warm evening is a summer highlight for many families. With proper maintenance, a wooden deck can last for years. To keep a deck sturdy and we...

APRIL 9, 2021 | FRIDAY
Solved! My Dryer Won’t Start

Q: I have a huge load of wet clothes that I threw in the dryer, but my dryer won’t start. It worked fine just yesterday, but now nothing happens when I try any of the settings. What could...

MARCH 22, 2021 | MONDAY
Solved! Why Is My Dryer Squeaking?

Q: Recently, I noticed my dryer squeaking every time I run it. Should I be concerned, or is it just normal wear and tear?A: A dryer squeaking is definitely not normal wear and tear. It us...

MARCH 22, 2021 | MONDAY
Solved! Can My Dead Grass Be Saved?

Q: I have dead grass popping up all over my lawn, and I’m not sure why. Am I going to have to replace it all, or can my dead grass be saved?A: Growing grass can be a finicky process. Ther...