The 18 Best Gifts for Bird Lovers of 2023

Bird baths, birdhouses, nest fillers, field guides, multipurpose feeding stations—there’s an endless supply of gifts for bird enthusiasts. Treat the bird lover in your life (or yourself) to one of these carefully curated gifts for bird lovers.

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Bird lovers are incredibly passionate about every aspect of the lives of birds. With thousands of species to learn about, and potentially hundreds of bird species in any given region, bird lovers can enjoy watching or feeding birds of every feather right in their own backyard. If you have bird lovers in your life, you might wonder what gift you can buy that they don’t already have. Whether you’re shopping for Christmas gifts for bird lovers or looking for a birthday gift for a bird-attracting gardener, we’ve put together a list of unique gifts for bird lovers. Choose from bird guides, hummingbird feeders, handmade bird nests, or a number of other fabulous gifts that are sure to please any bird enthusiast.

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How to Choose the Best Gifts for Bird Lovers

It’s not uncommon to wonder what to get the bird lovers in your life if you think they probably already have everything they need. The reality is that people who are passionate about a specific hobby often enjoy receiving similar or unusual items they may not have considered before. You can narrow down your decision by considering the following questions:

  • Do they enjoy watching birds from their own property or wandering far afield to catch a glimpse of these feathered friends? Some of the best gifts for bird lovers are well-suited for avid birders, but even a homebody may love some binoculars to see birds in the distance.
  • Is their garden full of fountains and bird feeders already? Perhaps a birdhouse would be a nice addition, or maybe they’d enjoy a comprehensive bird identification book.
  • Do they have eclectic tastes? If so, then adding a unique and eye-catching bird-themed element to their garden will probably be a big hit.

The Best Gifts for Bird Lovers

Bird-attracting plants are a top option to bring more birds to the garden, but they aren’t the only way. Choose any one of these gifts for the bird lovers in your life and watch them fly sky high with joy.

Gifts Under $25

Up Close and Personal

Hummingbird Ring Feeder

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Hummingbirds travel far and wide to find food and are naturally inquisitive about food sources. For bird lovers who want to experience feeding a hummingbird up close, this hummingbird ring feeder is a unique idea. It’s designed to be worn like a traditional ring, but it has a large flower base where hummingbird nectar can be poured to attract hungry birds. They may feed from the air or even perch on the ring to catch a moment of grateful rest. Consider purchasing a few of them (they come in several different colors) to be placed in a small pot to attract multiple hummingbirds at once!

$4.99 on Amazon.

Clever Handmade Cabin

Audubon Red Cedar Bird House

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Gift bluebird lovers this 12-inch birdhouse that’s crafted of durable red cedar. It’s designed for bluebirds, but the 1.5-inch entry hole is big enough for a variety of birds to slip into while keeping larger predators out. Bird lovers will appreciate that the front panel can be opened to check the nest or clean it out at the end of the season, unlike other birdhouses. It’s functional and clever all in one!

$19.99 at Ace Hardware.

Bird Authority

Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America

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Bird books by Roger Tory Peterson are considered some of the foremost comprehensive guides to birds. This hardcover field guide is an updated compilation of previous books with digitized updates to his original paintings. To stoke the curiosity of a budding bird enthusiast, this field guide makes a great gift for bird lovers. They’ll learn about the common birds in each region of North America, from grosbeaks to orioles, and can explore the range maps to plan their first bird-watching adventure.

$18.99 on Amazon.

Sweet-Tooth Lure

Heath Outdoor Products Clementine Oriole Feeder

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This Heath Outdoor Products Clementine Oriole Feeder is a surefire way to please the sweet-toothed orioles in the neighborhood. One side holds a cup of food such as mealworms or jelly, and the other side has spokes that oranges, clementines, or grapefruit can be attached to. With this unique design, orioles can get all the nutrition they need, and bird lovers get a full view of feeding time. It’s also durable enough to resist weathering and UV rays since it’s powder-coated steel that’s painted in a fun orange color. Bird lovers can hang one or two of these from a back patio or near the breakfast nook and enjoy the view.

$16.35 on Amazon.

Naturally Unique Huts

AQUEENLY Hummingbird House Set of 3

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Bird lovers will rave over these all-natural birdhouses. Made from dried hibiscus grass, these birdhouses are handwoven together with a small opening to prevent predator entry. The design naturally allows for airflow while also keeping the nest dry during rain. This set of three can provide housing for several small birds, and they look nice, so they double as a rustic garden decoration too.

$13.99 on Amazon.

Bird Bath Play Time

Mademax Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump

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So your bird lover has a few bird baths and bird houses already? Not a problem! Consider this solar bird bath fountain pump to upgrade a boring bird bath to a fountain. Give birds an all-in-one place to play and stay cool. Simply place it in the middle of the bird bath, make sure the water level is well above the pump, and enjoy the fountain of water that begins working within seconds.

$16.79 on Amazon.

For the Problem-Solver

Vermont Christmas Company Backyard Birds Jigsaw Puzzl

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Bird lovers who enjoy a peaceful night in can pass the time with the Vermont Christmas Company Backyard Birds Jigsaw Puzzle. This 1,000-piece puzzle measures 30 inches by 24 inches when completed and is produced on a thick, premium-quality puzzle board. Once it’s complete, users can glue it together and display it in their home or put it back in the box to tackle another time. The puzzle is an excellent gift for bird lovers 12 years and up who love a good challenge.

$17.95 on Amazon.

Customer Favorite

Urban Deco Deck Bird Feeders

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Setting up a bird feeder in a tree is the common way to attract birds, but bird lovers tend to prefer to be closer to the feeding action. Enter the deck bird feeder. Using a sturdy clamp, this dual feeder can be mounted to a deck railing to bring birds closer to the house while feeding. Plastic pans are included to provide food and water to peckish birds. If bird lovers want to attract hummingbirds and songbirds, they can place a potted plant on one side and use the other for birdseed. It’s a unique way to bring nature a little closer to the window.

$18.99 on Amazon.

Outdoor Decor

Topspeeder Blue Hummingbird Wind Chime

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The Topspeeder Blue Hummingbird Wind Chime is no ordinary yard decoration. This adornment features solar LED lights that charge during the day to produce a beautifully lit group of hummingbirds once the sun goes down. Each light can last up to 100,000 hours with no battery or plug required. Each chime comes with a hook and can be hung from trees, fences, patios, or in gardens to light up the night.

$16.99 on Amazon.

Gifts $25 to $50

Luxurious Nesting Comfort

Bird Nesting Heart – 100% Alpaca Fiber

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It’s a mystery why some birds build rather sharp nests made of twigs, but perhaps they would benefit from easy access to a soft nest lining. While your grandmother might have tossed hair clippings to the birds for nest building, your bird lover might love this upgrade of a nesting material holder filled with pure alpaca fleece. Doubling as a fun piece of yard art, this handmade 3D heart is packed full of refillable 100 percent alpaca fiber that will make any bird nest luxuriously soft and warm. Your bird lover can hang it next to a bird feeder or birdhouse to encourage birds to indulge in the soft comfort.

$26.95 on Etsy.

For the Adventurer

Vortex Optics Glasspak Binocular Harness

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Binoculars can be kept safe from outdoor elements with the Vortex Optics Glasspak Binocular Harness, which keeps them snug and secure while bird-watchers are out in the wilderness. The harness can hold a wide range of full-size binoculars and even comes with mesh side pockets to hold other bird-watching necessities. The pack weighs about 8 ounces, so it’s easy to carry and provides tethers that attach to the binoculars so they won’t drop.

$29 on Amazon. 

Timeless Treasure

Mark Feldstein u0026 Associates Singing Bird Wall Clock

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Telling time is a little more fun with the Mark Feldstein & Associates Singing Bird Wall Clock. At every hour, a different bird sings a song to signal the passing of time and alert those who are listening. This 13-inch clock is battery-operated and comes with a light sensor that deactivates the singing when the room goes dark, so users can rest assured the birds won’t wake them throughout the night.

$37.95 on Amazon.

Gorgeous Antique Bird Bath

VIVOHOME 28 Inch Antique Outdoor Copper Bird Bath

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Bird lovers love bird baths of all shapes and sizes. Not only can they offer a refreshing drink of water, but they can spruce up the appearance of a flower garden, too. This copper polyresin bird bath has a gorgeous bronzed patina with beautiful scrollwork on the base. The polyresin material is durable enough to resist weathering, UV damage, cracking, and chipping. Simply screw the base to the bowl and fill with water. This bird bath has a 20-inch diameter, so birds can enjoy family bath time together. Don’t be surprised if butterflies also take a sip or two from this attractive bird bath! $39.99 on Amazon.Read More: Best Bird Baths

Total Package

Best Choice Products 4-Hook Bird Feeding Station

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If the bird lover in your life has a limited amount of space to view or attract birds, then the Best Choice Products 4-Hook Bird Feeding Station is the perfect gift. Standing 91 inches tall, this feeder has four adjustable hooks and two trays to hold water pans. Bird lovers will be able to attract multiple varieties of birds by hanging feeders and food that appeals to certain feathered friends. This feeding station won’t tip over since it has a four-pronged base plus ground stakes. Swing the hooks to the preferred position and tighten with wing nuts to provide maximum access for any passing bird.

$29.99 on Amazon.

Gifts $50 to $100

Year-Round Water

API Bird Bath Deicer

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If your favorite bird lover wishes they could keep their bird bath unfrozen during the winter, surprise them with this thoughtful gift. It’s an electric heating element with a built-in thermostat to run only when the water temperature drops low enough to require heat to prevent freezing. Set it in the bird bath bowl and plug it in to provide birds and other creatures with access to water all year long. And don’t worry—the heating element is covered so it won’t harm any critter that touches it. $51.44 on Amazon.Read More: Best Heated Bird Bath

Bird’s Eye View

ROXANT Blackbird Compact Spotting Scope

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High definition and military-grade features make the Roxant Blackbird Compact Spotting Scope an excellent gift for bird lovers. This handcrafted spotting scope comes with nonslip armored construction and a textured focus ring on the main barrel for easy gripping and viewing when bird-watching. A 45-degree angled eyepiece that extends and retracts to accommodate eyeglasses makes viewing different birds more comfortable and successful.

$69.99 on Amazon.

Gifts $100 to $250

Ingenious Feeder

Brome Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder

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If the bird lover in your life is not necessarily a squirrel lover, then this squirrel-proof bird feeder might be the perfect gift. Designed to keep squirrels from getting at the seeds, this bird feeder is cleverly designed with a ringed perch that will shut off access to the feeder from the weight of a squirrel. Lightweight birds can easily perch on the ring and peck for seeds from the feeding holes to their heart’s delight. $117.08 on Amazon.Read More: Best Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders

Magnificent Magnification

Celestron Nature DX 8×42 Binoculars

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Have your favorite bird lovers expressed an interest in bird-watching? Or do they have a large property and wish they could see the birds who are nesting farther away? In either case, this small pair of rubberized, waterproof binoculars might be a great option. These binoculars have multicoated lenses to sharpen distant images more brightly so each detail and color on a bird can be seen better. These binoculars are a great set for bird enthusiasts who want to see their favorite birds in more detail.

$125.99 on Amazon.

How to Get the Best Gifts for Bird Lovers Deals

Whether it’s a special occasion or just a “thinking of you” moment, choosing the best gifts for bird lovers can be a fun process. Early spring is a great time to consider a bird-lover gift since many birds are returning from migration. You’ll also find several spring deals from retailers who are ready to help people get their yards ready for summer. But don’t dismiss the deals and opportunities for bird lovers during the fall. Keeping wild birds fed and watered during the cold winter months is just as important.

Watch for holiday sales online and combine those with any coupons you may find through the Honey extension, which will scan the internet for available coupons and try them all in your cart until it finds the greatest savings, or CouponCabin, which combs the internet for coupon codes or gives you cash back if you purchase through their site.

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