Caitlin Castelaz


Name: Caitlin Castelaz

Title: Former Associate General Manager at

Caitlin Castelaz worked at for several years where she wrote, edited, or researched about nearly every aspect of home maintenance while also working across several roles behind the scenes. Although she currently works for a software company, friends still know her as the one to ask for DIY and home repair advice, and she’s happy to oblige. 

Expertise and Experience

Caitlin came to the Bob Vila team from independent book publishing, and she worked for several years as a writer, editor, social media manager, product director, and eventually Associate General Manager. In the course of researching and writing about the home, she learned nuances of repair and maintenance that allowed her to serve as the caretaker of a four-floor property in Greenwich Village, New York.    

From a young age, Caitlin learned that if you can dream it, you can do it by watching her interior-decorator mother paint anything and everything from ceilings to floors, and even bathtubs. She received a hands-on education in power tools and home renovation by volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and other similar organizations in high school and college. After DIY-ing everything she dares to attempt in her New York apartment, she refocuses that creative energy in the outdoors by volunteering in the city’s backyard of NYC Parks and New York Restoration Project gardens, where there’s no shortage of work to do, vegetables to harvest, and young people to educate. 

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