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12 Seductively Serene Screened Porch Ideas

Protected from the elements by a sturdy roof, screened-in porches allow both light and breezes to filter through their insect-proof barrier. A screened porch is great for seasonal dining and entertaining, or simply quietly relaxing and enjoying the view.
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Seasonal Living Space


The porch has long been the perfect gathering place for summer evenings. While some folks may favor an open patio, an elevated deck, or a year-round sunroom, screened-in porches have a lot of allure—and nostalgia as well. Here’s a quick look at some of our favorite serene and inviting screened porch ideas.

Rustic Enclosed Porch


The big, bright screened openings of this Minnesota cabin porch allow guests to enjoy the scenic views while protecting them from mosquitoes and other outdoor discomforts. The wood walls and ceiling blend in with the porch’s natural setting, and the smooth, easy-to-clean flooring and durable patio set make it the perfect spot to change out of sandy sandals and freshen up before relaxing inside the cabin.

Hammock Time


If you like spending a couple of lazy hours in a hammock, this might be the porch for you. Set off from the main seating area, the swinging spot can become its own private alcove, but it’s still close enough to the action to afford convenient seating for a casual get-together.

Fireside Dining


This patio dining area offers the best of indoor and outdoor comforts. Sturdy wood furniture and a cozy fireplace bring an element of indoor comfort to the outdoor room, while the natural wood ceilings seem right at home with the wooded backyard.

Multifunctional Space


By using two different styles of patio furniture and an outdoor area rug, these decorators were able to create two separate, functional spaces in this small porch. The lightweight furniture lends itself perfectly to easy rearrangement for hosting a summer barbecue or late-night drinks on the patio.

A-Frame Porch


A wicker coffee table between the two rocking chairs would complete this serene screened-porch sitting area. The A-frame design adds height to the space and creates the feeling of being one with the lake right outside its open-air walls.

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Colorful Charm


A simple screened-in porch can have a big impact with a little color. This narrow space features warm wood flooring, air-circulating ceiling fans, and pops of color in the furnishings and double-doors to create a relaxing home retreat with a great view of the lakeside backyard.

Sleeping Porch


Sleeping porches are a historical architectural element most commonly found on the second floor in older Southern homes, but they’re making a comeback in some circles. A hanging bed like this (available on Etsy) is a natural choice for napping—or even an overnight stay—in a cool summer breeze.

Cushioned Comfort


Patio furniture isn’t always as comfortable as year-round indoor furniture, but adding large cushions boosts the cozy factor and could make the patio a favorite destination for relaxing with the family. A few throw pillows and a coffee table can do wonders to warm up the outdoor living space and establish a seamless transition between indoor spaces and the porch.

Lodge Look


Lap-siding walls and large window frames allow wood to take center stage in this small screened porch. Filled with an oversize dining table and sturdy benches, the room has the feel of a country retreat.

Outdoor Space Soak


A hot tub is a surprising but welcome fixture in this screened porch. It’s perfect for melting away the stress of the day—and the surrounding peaceful forest view isn’t too bad, either.

Color Coordinated


This charming and bright screened porch looks even bigger due to the low-profile furnishings within. Red and brown chairs, black and bronze metal fixtures, and warm wood tones complement the focal-point brick wall perfectly. Tying everything together like this turns an otherwise empty space into a united—and relaxing—environment.

Let’s Swing


A comfortable swing is an outdoor staple—but bringing one inside a screened porch is genius. Made even cozier with the addition of cushions, this porch swing (available on Wayfair) is the perfect vantage point to keep an eye on the kids while they play.