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9 Creative Ways to Build a Backyard Hangout

There's no reason to settle for a barren backyard when there are seating options like these to inspire you. As this collection of DIY projects demonstrates, you can take basic materials and transform them into stunning additions that are sure to make your backyard the place to be this summer.

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Pretty Pergola


Step-by-step instructions, simple raw materials like wood beams and lattice panels, and your two hands are all you need to build this charming pergola lined with bistro
lights. Not only will the final product increase your seating options for entertaining, it also makes a stunning structural statement in your backyard—and is the perfect place to kick back after a long day.

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Easy Seat


The best part about working with wooden pallets is that half the work is already done. Stack pallets in an L-shape, then screw them together using a screw gun to form this spacious backyard bench. A light coat of paint will add a rustic touch, while cushions make this DIY seating area comfy.

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Mod Squad


This modular unit allows for maximum seating in minimal space. Compact but still comfortable, the sofa is lined with thick cushions that make it a choice place to curl up on cool summer evenings. By outfitting the coffee table with the same cushions, it can be called into service as extra seating for unexpected guests. 

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Hot Seat


Building a curved bench (ideal for around the fire pit) might not seem easy, but this informative tutorial doesn’t skimp on the details, which means this weekend project is one you can feel comfortable tackling. The expansive, rounded shape is guest-friendly, guaranteeing everyone a spot when it’s time to roast marshmallows.

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Picnic Perfect


Avoid eating in your hot kitchen and dine alfresco instead. This 10-person picnic table from is perfect for a feast of seasonal favorites. A combination of teak, cedar, and fir boards gives the table plenty of character, while a coat of poly will keep it protected for family gatherings for years to come.

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Summer Siesta


There’s not much better than a nap outside in the summer, dozing in the late afternoon shade. While hammocks are great, this pallet bed is just as comfy. It doesn’t get much easier than this DIY: Stack and secure the pallets together, add a thin mattress and pillows, and voilà—instant retreat.

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Gathering Spot


This summer oasis may take you some time, but once it’s complete, your outdoor seating structure will be the envy of the neighborhood. With six wooden porch swings—all surrounding a built-in fire pit—it’s the perfect place to spend your summer surrounded by friends and family. 

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Tepee for Tots


Sure, you’ve seen plenty of tepee kids’ projects, but how many of them are this cute and easy? The best part is that it only takes a few materials to make this whimsical no-sew creation possible. Once you have the structural components set, personalize your creation with cute garlands and paint.

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Timeless Tent


Easy but effective, this incredibly simple project gets all its character from the fun floral bed sheets and sweet accessories inside. The best part of this children’s hideaway, which is just strung up on an old-school clothesline and secured with heavy rocks, is that there are no power tools required.

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Take A Seat


With so many creative seating options, you can find a solution to fit your space and budget. Your backyard will be the place everyone wants to be.