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Editor and Social Media Director at and DIY enthusiast. Check her out on Pinterest.

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Bob Vila Thumbs Up: The PVC Pipe Competition Starts Today

PVC pipes are a ubiquitous fixture in many homes, though you wouldn't know it by looking at the surface. That's because PVC pipe, a tried and true plumbing product, is usually hidden behi...

10 Toolbox Hacks for Your Next DIY Project

There's a little MacGyver in all of us. And when it comes to DIY, who couldn't use another shortcut? Whether your toolbox is fully stocked or you're slowly acquiring items from your wish ...

Bob Vila Thumbs Up: The DIY Headboards Competition Starts Today

The headboard is no mere decorative accent; as the focal point of the bedroom, it sets the mood and style tone for the most personal space in your entire home. If you've ever shopped arou...

Bob Vila Thumbs Up: Announcing the Concrete Projects Competition!

Every day, we see tons of incredible DIY projects. Some are done by seasoned veterans of the do-it-yourself world. Others are the result of hard work by total beginners. Indeed, no matter...

9 Ways to Safeguard Your House Before a Vacation

August is a great time for a family vacation—one last fling before school starts. But before you take a plane, train, or automobile out of town, make sure to protect your home against thr...

JULY 31, 2014 | THURSDAY
Enter Bob Vila’s “Too Cool for Summer” Give-Away—TODAY!

As temperatures rise this summer, who wouldn't want to keep the house cool with a reliable, refreshing, and high-efficiency cooling system. That's why we teamed up with Lennox to bring yo...

JUNE 30, 2014 | MONDAY
ENTER to Win $1,000 in DIY Gift Cards

With summer in full swing, homeowners are heading outdoors for fun and relaxation.  If you're backyard isn't quite ready for the season, don't despair. This month, we are giving away four...

JUNE 23, 2014 | MONDAY
Starting TODAY–New Bob Vila Thumbs Up Competition!

Here at BobVila. com, we are always impressed with the high caliber of DIY projects that you accomplish at home. Whether novice or expert, every DIY enthusiast has a level of ingenuity th...

JUNE 19, 2014 | THURSDAY
5 Great Ways to Garden in Comfort

Growing a beautiful garden is no small feat. Not only does it take regular attention, watering, and cooperative weather, but all of that planting, pruning, weeding, and raking can take it...

JUNE 13, 2014 | FRIDAY
12 Seductively Serene Screened Porches

The porch has long been the perfect gathering place for summer evenings. While some folks may favor an open patio, an elevated deck, or a year-round sunroom, screened-in porches have a lo...