Cody Calamaio


With a background in newspaper reporting, and with editorial stints at This Old House and Contract magazines, Cody Calamaio now freelances as a designer and writer, in addition to working as a marketing professional. She holds Bachelor's degrees in Journalism and Sociology from the University of Arizona, as well as a Master's degree in Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute. Cody Calamaio on LinkedIn

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JUNE 21, 2019 | FRIDAY
15 Unusual Tips for Your Cleanest Windows Ever

Washing the windows can be a dreaded chore. If you're using conventional cleaning products, removing those stubborn streaks from the interior and exterior of clear glass is especially tri...

MAY 30, 2019 | THURSDAY
15 Ways to Get a (Nearly!) Maintenance-Free Home Exterior

Your home’s exterior should be beautiful and inviting, not constantly in need of repairs. As well, your time spent outdoors should be relaxing, not full of weekend chores and constant upk...

Buyer's Guide: Multitools

Sometimes life can be unpredictable. You might start one task, such as a paint job, and you find yourself with a few more chores to check off like tapping popped nails back into place and...

10 Reasons to Reconsider Vinyl Siding

Today's vinyl siding products can mimic wood, insulate your home, and even stand up to tornado-force winds, making them a highly desirable exterior cladding option.

10 Smart Ways to Bring Shade to Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor areas don't have to be all about soaking in the sun. Sometimes it's nice to relax in a shady spot, shielded from the harsh rays. There are many ways to bring shade to an outdoor s...

Wing It: 14 Approaches to a DIY Birdbath

Welcome feathered friends to your backyard with a DIY birdbath modeled after any of the following inspiring designs.

35 Places You Can Still See a Drive-In Movie

After the end of World War II, when automobile culture was thriving in America, drive-in movie theaters became a national phenomenon. Thousands of these outdoor theaters popped up around ...

JULY 2, 2018 | MONDAY
35 Patriotic Places to Visit This Fourth of July

Though we usually celebrate the Fourth of July with parties, picnics, and fireworks, it's important not to lose sight of the fact that Independence Day marks a momentous historical event ...

JUNE 22, 2018 | FRIDAY
25 Charming General Stores Across the Country

General stores were once the bread and butter of small-town life across America. Local communities relied on these shops for groceries and housewares, and used them as gathering places wh...

JUNE 19, 2018 | TUESDAY
10 Sprinklers to Quench Your Garden's Thirst

When it comes to buying lawn sprinklers, homeowners are spoiled for choice. But which sprinklers are worth your money and which should you skip? The answer depends on your needs and the t...