Wing It: 14 Approaches to a DIY Birdbath

Welcome feathered friends to your backyard with a DIY birdbath modeled after any of the following inspiring designs.

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Branch Out

Building a DIY birdbath like this one from The Art of Doing Stuff requires only two steps: wedging broken branches into the ground and placing a bowl, plate, or saucer on top. Take care to space the branches so that they can support the weight of a water-filled vessel. 

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Flying Saucer

The base of this extraordinary DIY birdbath is an ordinary hanging planter. In the center, simply set in a terra cotta pot upside down and fill in with soil and plants. Finally, set a medium-size terra cotta saucer on top of the terra cotta pot, hang, fill with water, and wait for the birds to discover it.

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A Step Up

A simple vintage step stool can become a cheerful backyard accent, as Barb Rosen from Our Fairfield Home & Garden proved with this DIY bird bath. The project is simple to do: paint a vintage wood step ladder in a bold hue and top with an oversized terra cotta saucer or serving tray. For added stability and style, add a heavy centerpiece like a decorative rock or a fun faux planter.

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Garden Party

This tiny, whimsical homemade birdbath from Wayside Treasures is just a teacup and saucer attached to a painted wood spindle. Cleverly reusing unexpected materials certainly brings a touch of charm to the garden!

Brick by Brick

Many homeowners have spare bricks lying around. By stacking these into a pillar, you can build a sturdy DIY birdbath base that needs only a bowl or tray on top to function as the water basin.

Lighten Up

Blogger Natalie Wright created this quirky homemade birdbath by combining a lamp base with a bundt cake pan, then applying the “upcycled” creation with cheery coat of yellow spray paint.

Tray Chic

The smart DIYer at Just a Girl spiced up a plain, round serving tray with a design cut from vinyl. The tray was then attached to a metal plant stand with a few dabs of construction adhesive.

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Flip Your Lids

Sometimes you don’t have to go far to find materials that can be used to make something wonderful. This grouping of homemade birdbaths, another original from Our Fairfield Home & Garden, is comprised of stacked stones and recycled galvanized trash can lids. No tools required!

Bird Shower

Some birds, like people, prefer to shower rather than bathe. Hummingbirds are among that lot. You can make a mister for them to enjoy with a vintage chic galvanized metal tub, terra cotta saucer, solar fountain, and a few other easily obtainable supplies. Follow the full tutorial at Flower Patch Farmhouse, and get ready for hummingbird sightings.

A Natural Touch

A trash can lid was used as a concrete form for the base of this DIY birdbath. The blogger at Curious Acorn added a personal touch with the rocks lining the rim of the bowl—her husband’s childhood tumbled rock collection. 

Repurposed Lamp

This eccentric piece of garden art was created by repurposing an old lamp and lazy Susan. After cutting the lamp cord and spray-painting the lazy Susan, Barb Camp from Second Chance to Dream married them together with constructive adhesive. It brings color and interest to this yard, even as it attracts beautiful songbirds.

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Bird Bath Cage

When a tomato cage isn’t being used to keep garden plants upright, it can make a simple yet sturdy base for a backyard bird bath, as the blogger from My Life Abundant discovered. Using wire cutters, she cut the tomato cage down to size and secured it into the ground before topping it with a terra cotta saucer, painted a bright blue. The result is a stylish bird bath that is as attractive to humans as it is to the birds.

Mosaic Magic via DebraOrganDesigns

Blue glass, marbles and grout come together to form a stunning mosaic on a terra cotta pot and saucer set. Although the pot looks like it has tipped over and is balancing on the lip of the plate, it has been firmly secured adhesive, allowing birds to safely bathe without risk of injury.

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Vintage Versatility via MyBirdBrainIdeas

The Etsy seller behind this charming bird bath claims it can be used as a cake stand or a bird bath, although we’d recommend using it as one or the other—not both! The base was once part of a vintage lamp and the top is an old dessert plate with just enough depth to pour out a bath for feathered visitors.

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