13 Adirondack Chair Plans You Can Download and DIY This Weekend

Build your own set of outdoor seats with these printable project plans.
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Adirondack chairs feature high backs, wide arms, and slanted seats. Their design makes them ideal for sitting and looking out over the water, staying warm around a fire pit, and other relaxing outdoor activities. If you have a little experience with woodworking, building your own Adirondack chairs is a relatively simple task—especially with the right plans to guide you. Browse through the downloadable Adirondack chair plans featured below to find the one that matches your design vision; then turn that vision into reality!

1. Bob Vila’s Downloadable Adirondack Chair Plans

A diy Adirondack chair in a suburban backyard near a fire pit.
Photo: Matt Boley for Bob Vila

Designed to stand the test of time, this Adirondack chair features a wide, stable seat and a tall, slanted back—the perfect combination for relaxation in any outdoor setting. Build it with cedar, as the creator suggests, for added durability and charm. Bob Vila’s downloadable project plans include a detailed cut list, step-by-step photos, and parts illustrations for constructing a uniform set of classic Adirondack chairs.

Get Bob Vila’s Downloadable Adirondack Chair Plans Now for $6

2. Adirondack Lounge Chair

Wood adirondack chair with ottoman and side table
Photo: DigitalTutoriaStudio via Etsy.com

These Adirondack lounge chair plans are your one-stop shop for a yard pit stop: The plans show you how to construct the chair, ottoman, and side table. Etsy seller DigitalTutoriaStudio says the project can be completed by beginners; the instant download plans include a parts list, tools list, and instructions.

Get the Adirondack Lounger Plans at Etsy for $3.06

3. Wide Arms

Adirondack chair with wide arms on a deck by the lake
Photo: EvaTeakCanada at Etsy.com

The wide arms on this Adirondack chair are perfect for holding a plate, cup of coffee, or just helping yourself relax and feel comfortable after a long day. The PDF plans, available through an instant digital download, include detailed steps and list out all the supplies necessary for making the chair. The designer recommends using cedar wood for this Adirondack chair, and highlights decking-grade cedar as an economical, yet still gorgeous, choice. Given the designer’s estimate that it takes 15 to 20 hours to complete the project, this is probably best suited to experienced carpenters.

Get the Muskoka Chair Plans at Etsy for $3.84

4. Ultra-Modern Design

Two Modern Adirondack chairs with square backs painted bright red
Photo: MakerWorksLLC via Etsy.com

The wide boards used to make the backs of these Adirondack chairs put a modern twist on the classic design. The DIY Adirondack chair plans include 24 pages of engineering drawings, detailed assembly instructions, a cutting diagram, and a list of all the supplies you’ll need to complete this project. These modern chairs are rated as requiring a beginner to intermediate skill level, so even those with minimal woodworking experience can give them a try.

Get the Ultra-Modern Adirondack Chair Plans at Etsy for $7.99

5. Easy Exit Adirondack Chair Plans

Two grey adirondack chairs on a boat deck
Photo: TheBarleyHarvest via Etsy.com

These ‘Grandpa’ Adirondack chairs are thoughtfully designed to be easier to get out of than the most other low-slung Adirondack chairs. These plans will help you DIY your own chair with a shorter seat and an upright back that still maintains that overall appearance of an Adirondack chair. The easy-to-follow downloadable instructions include dimensions and images to assist in assembling the chair properly.

Get the Grandpa Adirondack Chair Plans at Etsy for $9.95

6. Kid-Size Adirondack Plans

Wood child-sized Adirondack chair next to regular-sized Adirondack chair
Photo: OWGardenVintage via Etsy.com

If your little ones keep stealing your Adirondack chair (and have trouble getting out of the deep seat), it might be time to build them their own place to sit. These Adirondack chair patterns will guide you in building an Adirondack chair (see photo, top left) that is just 25 inches tall, 25 inches deep, and 24 inches wide, which the merchant says is sized for kids ages 2 to 10 and can be made in around 2 hours. This might be just the right project to engage youngsters who are interested in learning carpentry!

Get the Kid-Size Adirondack Chair Plans at Etsy for $10

7. Super-Basic Adirondack Chair Plans

Basic Adirondack chair with rounded back
Photo: DIYGardenPlans via Etsy.com

These Adirondack chair woodworking plans will put you on the road to creating your own traditional-looking seat with a high, curved back and wide base. The downloadable PDF includes a shopping list, written directions, measurements, and drawings that will help you through each step in the process, resulting in a gorgeous finished product.

Get the Rounded Adirondack Chair Plans at Etsy for $1.95

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8. Low Profile Design

Side view of low-profile white Adirondack chair
Photo: TheBarleyHarvest via Etsy.com

Follow these downloadable plans to construct an Adirondack chair with a curved top and low-profile design, perfect for stretching out your legs and relaxing after a long day. The chairs have a wide and contoured seat, a tall back, and wide arms for ultimate comfort. The PDF includes clear directions, color pictures of each step, and a parts list with pictures. You can use a local print shop to print full-size patterns from the CAD-generated PDF.

Get the Low Profile Adirondack Chair Plans at Etsy for $9.95

9. Tall Adirondack Chair Plans

Two tall white Adirondack chairs with small table and red patio umbrella in front of lake
Photo: The Barley Harvest via Etsy.com

Like the Adirondack look, but prefer a higher seat? These plans contain designs for taller chairs (with or without arms) that can be used at bars, counters, or outdoor cafe tables as seen here. The CAD PDF included in the download enables you to print full size patterns for easier assembly. The plans for these Adirondack chairs also include step-by-step images and directions, standard and metric measurements, and images of each needed part.

Get the Tall Adirondack Chair Plans at Etsy for $10.95

10. Rocking Adirondack Chair

Red Adirondack rocking chair next to patio table with plant
Photo: TheBarleyHarvest via Etsy.com

If you’re looking for Adirondack rocking chair plans, take a look at this file available for digital download. The seat on this ‘Grandpa’ rocking chair is wider and more upright than a traditional Adirondack chair to allow for comfort, make it easier to get into and out of the seat, and ensure individuals are able to rock the chair with both of their feet flat on the ground.

Get the Rocking Adirondack Chair Plans at Etsy for $15

11. Modern Table and Chairs

Photo: DJShopCo via Etsy.com

Construct Adirondack chairs and a coordinating end table with these plans available for digital download. The chairs feature a modern design with squared edged and a tall back made from just two wide boards, rather than thinner slats. The 40-page PDF offers all the instructions and guidance you’ll need to make the chairs and matching table, including 3D images, dimensions, cut, material, and tool lists, and photographs.

Get the Modern Adirondack Chair and Table Plans at Etsy for $9.99

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12. Classic Plans With Curves

Classic Adirondack chair in natural, unpainted wood
Photo: WoodGears via Etsy.com

This set of DIY Adirondack chair plans can help you make your own classic-style chair. The plans include full-size patterns, lists of the various parts and tools you’ll need, and step-by-step instructions to help you perfectly craft your new favorite outdoor seat. The PDF file, which includes over 30 pages of resources and instructions, is available for an instant download, so you’ll be able to get started making your new chair right away.

Get the Classic Plans With Curves at Etsy for $5.07

13. Adirondack Loveseat Bench

Wood Adirondack-style loveseat bench outdoors
Photo: MagicChairUS via Etsy.com

What could be a more romantic seat for the fire pit, or on your front porch? Unwind after a rough day with someone special on this Adirondack chair loveseat. With the instant download, you’ll receive detailed instructions and printable, full-size drawings.

Get the Adirondack Loveseat Bench at Etsy for $11

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