7 Low-Cost Kits for a 21st-Century Log Cabin

These log cabin kits come ready to assemble with all the parts you'll need to construct a woodsy retreat, be it traditional, contemporary, or the tiny cabin of your dreams.

By Donna Boyle Schwartz | Updated Dec 28, 2022 5:58 PM

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Log Cabin Kit Home - Rockbridge

Photo: southlandloghomes.com

Early American homes were rugged and rustic—the ultimate DIY project. Today, modern homesteaders can build a new house with the same frontier appeal by using a log cabin kit. No need to cut down your own trees; log house kits’ precut components make them ideal for first-time home builders. But check your local building codes, as some municipalities require oversight by a licensed contractor for the construction of kit homes.

1. Log Cabin Homes

Log Cabin Kit - Buffalo Lodge

Photo: logcabinhomes.com

Log Cabin Homes takes wood very seriously. They’re a Certified Green Dealer by the LBM Journal, which means that the staff is educated and tested on building basics and environmentally friendly building practices. Plus, their log grading program is focused on efficiency: They make sure to use every part of the log, whether for building materials, landscaping, or other features. They offer a wide variety of designs, from the modest Chesapeake cabin to the two-level, three-bedroom Buffalo Lodge.

Get log cabin kits at Log Cabin Homes; pricing available on request.

2. Coventry Log Homes

Log Cabin Kit - Creekside

Photo: coventryloghomes.com

New Hampshire-based Coventry Log Homes offers more than 100 models of energy efficient log homes—as well as a selection of garages—made from kiln-dried pine and cedar. A standard kit comes with all the materials you need—from sub-floor and log walls to doors and decking—pre-cut, numbered, and lettered according to the construction plan.

Get log cabin kits at Coventry Log Homes starting at $41,400.

3. Conestoga Log Cabins

Low Maintenance Log Cabin

Photo: conestogalogcabins.com

Whether you want to build your own weekend getaway or a full-time rustic residence, Conestoga Log Cabins offers a wide range of log cabin designs that have been used in projects built in all 50 states. You’ll find them grouped online by size: small log cabin kits less than 1,100 square feet and log homes spanning more than 1,100 square feet. Consider the 232-square-foot Shenandoah cabin, or go big with the company’s best-selling vacation home—the 2,312-square-foot Alpine Ridge.

Get log cabin kits at Conestoga Log Homes starting at $22,647.

4. Southland Log Homes

Newburn Log Cabin

Photo: southlandloghomes.com

If you take the time to scroll through the seemingly endless library of more than 300 log home and cabin plans, it may not surprise to you that Southland Log Homes is the largest manufacturer of log cabin kits and homes. Southland’s designs range from luxury log mansions to ranch style log homes, all of which their team can customize to your taste at no additional charge. Many of their log home kits offer expansive picture windows, great rooms, and ranch layouts. Pictured here is the two-story, three-bedroom Newburn model.

Get log cabin kits at Southland Log Homes; pricing available upon request.

5. Finger Lakes Log Homes Inc.

Keuka Handcrafted Log Cabin

Photo: fingerlakesloghomes.com

New York-based Finger Lakes Log Homes got its start 30 years ago when owner Michael Griffin built his own cabin from cut his own pine trees cut to size with no machinery other than a chainsaw. Milling machinery and equipment has since been incorporated to the process to make quality log siding, beams, flooring, and more needed to create its kits, but Griffin is still quite hands-on with the owner-operated business, from running a forklift to inspecting materials. Check out the three main kits online, like the 1,280-square-feet Keuka ranch home, and discover more when you contact the team.

Get log cabin kits from Finger Lakes Log Homes Inc. starting at $52,985.

6. Moosehead Cedar Log Homes

Log Cabin Kits: Moosehead Cedar Log Homes

Photo: mooseheadloghomes.com

For more than 25 years, family owned and operated Moosehead Cedar Log Homes has been crafting timeless log homes from cedar, spruce, and pine. The New York-based company offers 63 standard packages, as well as custom design services. Standard packages range from a three-room Hunter cabin spanning less than 375 square feet to the upscale Bridgewater—a two-level, 3,995-square-foot model with three to four bedrooms and four baths.

Get log cabin kits at Moosehead Cedar Log Homes; pricing available upon request.

7. Golden Eagle Log Homes

Log Cabin Kits: Golden Eagle Homes

Photo: goldeneagleloghomes.com

Golden Eagle Log Homes offers a broad selection that includes some of the smallest and some of the largest log cabin kits on the market. They even offer construction services, if you’d rather not build your own. You can buy your own log home kit with your choice of quarter and half logs through full logs or concrete half logs, or spend a little more for a custom home package. The company specialize in homes from $700,000 to $10,000,000 when fully constructed.

Get log cabin kits at Golden Eagle Log Homes starting at $118,480 for quarter and half-log homes.