7 Indispensable Tools With a Lifetime Warranty—and How To Get Replacements

Investing in one of these tools guarantees quality and durability, and will often save you money too.

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Whether you are putting together your first tool kit or you’re a seasoned pro, it’s a good idea to invest in quality products. A lifetime warranty indicates that the manufacturer has confidence in their tools and that they will be durable and reliable. While the initial price might be higher than some competitors, you’ll be able to replace the tool if it breaks, which will often work out cheaper in the long run.

However, even the best tool brands often have warranties of just 12 months. A few run to three years, and some reach up to five years. We sought out to find the tool brands that go beyond that. While we often look at products that are guaranteed to last, in this article we wanted to look specifically at hand and power tools with a lifetime warranty. The seven we found are popular, practical, and surprisingly affordable. Read about them, below.

1. Gerber Gear Suspension-NXT Multi-Tool

Tools With A Lifetime Warranty Option Gerber Gear Suspension-NXT Multi-Tool
Photo: amazon.com

Gerber has a superb reputation for high-quality knives and edge tools, which include this tremendously versatile 15-in-1 multi-tool. It’s made of stainless steel so it won’t rust, it measures just 4.25 inches long when closed, making it easy to carry or pack with other gear.

The Gerber lifetime warranty covers faulty workmanship and provides repair, replacement, or substitution of an equivalent product. As is common, normal wear and tear is not covered. Full details and access to the online claim form are available here.

Get the Gerber Multi-Tool at Amazon for $28.99

2. Husky Homeowner 110-Piece Tool Set

Tools With A Lifetime Warranty Option Husky Homeowner 110-Piece Tool Set
Photo: homedepot.com

Not all tools with a lifetime warranty have a premium price tag; this is a fine example. The Husky Homeowner set is an ideal collection for those new to DIY with a comprehensive range of essential tools for tasks around the home and yard.

Keep in mind, that Husky Tools are exclusive to The Home Depot. The warranty states that they can simply be returned to any retail store for a free replacement of equal or greater value. Details are available from The Home Depot.

Get the Husky Homeowner Tool Set at The Home Depot for $49.88

3. Fiskars X27 Splitting Axe

Tools With A Lifetime Warranty Option Fiskars X27 Splitting Axe
Photo: homedepot.com

This excellent tool from Fiskars was our top pick when we tested Best Axes. The 6.3-pound head delivers plenty of cutting power while the 36-inch fiberglass composite handle helps absorb impacts. The back side can drive a splitting wedge if necessary.

Fiskars warrants that its tools will be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as it belongs to the original owner. Full details and a link to the online claim form are found here.

Get the Fiskars Splitting Axe at The Home Depot for $69.98

4. Craftsman V-Series Screwdriver Set

Tools With A Lifetime Warranty Option Craftsman V-Series Screwdriver Set
Photo: amazon.com

These Craftsman screwdrivers benefit from soft-grip, solvent-resistant handles, shafts of premium alloy steel, and precision machined tips claimed to offer 10 times longer durability. The set of eight means there’s the right size for every task and also guarantees no more damaged screw heads.

Craftsman’s hand tools warranty states “If the product fails to perform for any reason, we will replace it.” Those with a claim can visit a retail partner or contact customer care by phone or using the online form. Details here.

Get the Craftsman Screwdriver Set at Amazon for $74.98

5. Gearwrench 15 Piece Impact Socket Set

Tools With A Lifetime Warranty Option Gearwrench 15 Piece Impact Socket Set
Photo: amazon.com

These pro-grade sockets are made of chrome molybdenum steel alloy and are tough enough to be used with a ratchet drive or powered impact driver. The flex design provides easier access in hard-to-reach places. They are available in SAE or metric.

Gearwrench makes very little fuss when it comes to their tools with a lifetime warranty. If it fails, they will replace it—no matter the age. Plus, no receipt is required. Claimants can contact customer service by phone or use their online form. Both can be found here.

Get the Gearwrench Socket Set for $84.33 at Amazon

6. Ridgid Cordless 1/2” Drill/Driver Kit

Tools With A Lifetime Warranty Option Ridgid Cordless
Photo: homedepot.com

Ridgid’s lightweight, compact, and powerful drill/driver comes from a company renowned for the toughness and durability of their products. It has an impressive feature set and comes with two batteries, a charger, and a holdall at a competitive price.

Ridgid is one of the few brands to offer a lifetime warranty on power tools, guaranteeing them free from defects in materials and workmanship for the product’s life. Claims should be made at any Authorized Service Center, or by mailing the tool to Ridgid’s HQ in Ohio. Full details here.

Get the Ridgid Drill/Driver at The Home Depot for $99.00

7. Milwaukee Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set

Tools With A Lifetime Warranty Option Milwaukee Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set
Photo: homedepot.com

Milwaukee’s ratcheting wrenches are a great choice for the keen home auto enthusiast or professional. They feature a 2.5-degree swing that allows maximum torque with minimum movement. 30 pieces cover both SAE and metric sizes, each in a colored tray for rapid identification.

Milwaukee hand tools are guaranteed free of defects in materials and workmanship. Tools must be returned to a Milwaukee Factory Service Centre, and there’s a search form here to locate them.

Get the Milwaukee ratcheting wrench set at The Home Depot for $332.00

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